Last Week on Generations the Legacy 27/11/2015

Last week Simphiwe looked more beautiful than ever on Generations the Legacy. I guess being torn between two brothers can do that to a woman! I don’t think I’d try that though!

Unfortunately Simphiwe has no idea that her husband was having an affair with one of her best friends or she might not have felt as guilty as she felt. And as her long awaited white wedding approached the poor woman started feeling more and pressurised.

Smanga didn’t help with all the pressure he kept piling on her – to leave her husband, get a divorce and start a new life with him in London.

I like them together, but wished Smanga would’ve been less demanding and just declared his love and put his case and left it at that. But no! He had to hound and almost harrass poor Simphiwe. Right into bed again…on the eve of her pre wedding party.

I absolutely detest Mawzi, but it is also hard to root for Smanga. How difficult it must be for Simphiwe to choose? Her teen love or her new found love for her brother-in-law? She told Smanga that she loves him and her husband. But that didn’t stop her from having one last round if #50ShadesOfSmanga.

Tau’s mother believed their ancestors are not happy with the wedding. Although, Mawzi and Simphiwe are already legally married. This whole wedding thing has always confused me because they sometimes talk about Mawzi being Simphiwe’s fiance. And sometimes wife.

Simphiwe confessed to their pastor/marriage councillor that she cheated on her husband.

Other things are actually happening on Generations the Legacy, but I haven’t been paying too much attention.

Especially when the Radebe’s are on my screen! OMW! how absolutely boring they are. Except for Siya of course. He can pretty much do or say nothing and I’ll be happy as long as he is onscreen.

I hope Generations the Legacy manage to bring him back after his family departs from our screens. They spoiled his character by making him Angela’s little lapdog.

Vuyo found out about his father’s affair with Karabo and was furious. Although anger is the only emotion we’ve seen from him since he arrived!

Lucy was still on her never ending quest for money and again started supplying drugs in the neighbourhood.

Lucy has no conscience whatsoever! My favourite scene of the week though was when she took the wooden spoon to Lesedi! I’m absolutely 100% okay maybe 99.9% against corporal punishment, but that was rather satisfying.

Especially when Lesedi and her friend Xolelwa manipulated the Diale’s into dropping charges against the little delinquent.

Although I did feel bad that Getty caused Xolelwa to lose her job and then wouldn’t help her. Where else was the girl supposed to go? I still loathe LOATHE loathe Xolelwa though. Bad acting, bad character. Bad everything.

Karabo bonded with baby Amo/Thapelo.  

Every time he cried, he calmed down once his real mama held him.  And Tshidi was far from coping with work and motherhood.


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