Simphiwe Commits Suicide on Generations the Legacy

Even though many of us knew for a while that Simphiwe (Asanda Foji ) would be leaving Generations the Legacy, I was still holding out hope that she would run away and leave both Mawzi and Smanga.

But it was not to be.

The poor woman had a tough choice between two  emotionally abusive men!

Simphiwe didn’t know which one of the two to choose. Her already husband or his brother.

On the one hand Mawzi was at first confident that all would be well.


Then when he spoke to Simphiwe through the locked door, he was remorseful about his affair whixh he thought Simphiwe knew about.

Smanga meanwhile was waiting outside for a runaway bride.

Tough choice. Personally, if Siya and Gadaffi said no to me and no one else put in an offer, I would take Smanga. At least he seems interesting in bed 😉


Simphiwe chose to take her life in the oddest way. Most people who wanted to take their lives would probably have laid down on the comfortable looking couch in the room. And then done the job.

But not Simphiwe. She sat on her haunches on the hard floor and stabbed her wrists with a knife and that’s how Mawzi found her.

Which made the whole thing look totally ridiculous. Awkward. And Mawzi’s ‘acting’ didn’t help one bit! I wasn’t a fan of the actor on 7de laan and I loathe Mawzi as much I hated Lindiwe. I was so happy when he left 7de laan!

I thought Smanga acted more realistically.

I hate that Simphiwe is gone forever as I really liked her. There was still so much story left to tell.

Other than the suicide scene and the aftermath with Mawzi, I thought the whole build up and ending was very interesting and moving.

RIP beautiful Simphiwe!


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