My 7 Wishes for 7de laan in 2016

It’s that time of year again! Time for my 7 wishes for 7de laan in 2016. See if any of my 7 Wishes for 7de Laan for came true in 2015.

This one is more difficult than usual, because I’ve recently been liking 7de laan. Especially that short visit from Jerome (and Frankie) and earlier in the year the introduction of Charmaine’s ‘evil’ twin. Without a doubt Vivian was my favourite new character in 7de laan. Followed by Willem.

I liked that Paula grew up a lot, especially in the last few months. And the writers actually remembered Paula and Altus’ baby. I enjoyed seeing a flashback to that time too.

So here goes…

My 7 wishes for 7de laan for 2016:

1. NO more deaths please, 7de laan. I fully understand that people die in real life and in soaps, but please, we’ve had our fair share over the last year. For me it’s not so much the deaths, but the acting that follows. Sometimes a character has to die – like Herman – so story can continue for the rest of the characters. But killing off Louis too, was overkill. He could easily have gone back home to Cape Town (since the actor chose to leave) and no one would’ve bothered too much.

2. More romance! Without the characters constantly fighting. I beg you 7de laan. Seeing people fighting over everything (like Marko and Anna did) is not entertaining. Poor Errol hasn’t had a girlfriend since he was in matric! Not even a crush! Maybe Errol is gay? Someone somewhere in 7de laan has to be gay. Or they know gay people? Come on 7de laan! (See Will and Sonny on Days of Our Lives for clues on writing a gay storyline.)

3. With Altus on the way out, please, please, please don’t let Paula revert to being the most beautiful woman in the world that no man can resist! OMW! I would not be able to take it. AGAIN. A normal new romance, with a normal guy like Marko will be enough. In time. Or a fun fling with Bernard (who already seems to have a crush on her) would be nice.

4. I really wish Xander and Vince would stop fighting over stupid things. Or at the very least stay out of each other’s way if they’re having a feud. This fighting one minute to only make up again a few weeks later as if nothing had happened only to find something new to fight about in a few weeks is terribly annoying! The same with their wives!

5. We need more younger people again, 7de laan. Like Nadia and Sonja. They brought some fresh life into Hillside when they were on. Especially when they stopped the drama with Herman and Nadia and just had fun.

6. Ty has taken over being my favourite 7de laan character from Paula. But my wish is that his villanous ways are used sparingly and we see a more rounded character. A little normal, with the bad. The same with his aunty Gita.

7. Less Kim! I need a Kim break! A long Kim break, please 7de laan. At least give more likeable characters more air time to balance out the annoying ones.


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