Karabo wants to be married to Tau and Zola! WTF!

Generations the Legacy has taken Karabo’s self absorption and delusion to a whole other level. This selfish woman called a meeting with her husband and extra marital lover and her uncle to announce her intention to take Zola as her second husband!


And then she had the nerve…the nerve, I tell you… to give a constitutional and cultural lecture to these men about the merits of polygamy!


How would she have reacted if Tau had brought a pretty young woman home and decided to make her his second wife?

There’s no way Karabo would have stood for that. She likes to be the centre of the universe for these men!

Fortunately Tau didn’t put up with her lecture for too long. He asked if she was using nyaope!


And Zola didn’t look too pleased. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if he came around to the idea eventually. Weak man that he is.

Even uncle Tebogo looked confused and a bit thrown by the idea of his niece with two husbands. But he would do anything to not have the Moroka name dragged through the mud by a messy divorce.


All I can hope is that Tau stays strong. Or offer to bring another wife for himself to keep things level and fair.


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