The Three New Witches of 7de laan

You know what they say fellow 7de laan viewers…when the big cat’s away three worse little cats come out to play. Or something like that 😉 .

Gita was barely gone when we got first Natalie, then Elaine and Kristin pitched up in Hillside. The one more trouble than the other.

But let me start with my least favourite:


With Altus’ baby in tow! Arghhhhhhh I cannot, cannot, cannot even look at that woman’s face on screen. I feel what Paula is feeling! Manipulative witch that is Kristin! (Loriska Bubb must be doing her job well.)

And that wimp Altus isn’t helping one bit. Yes, I know he is caught in the middle, but he knows Kristin and how she can be. Moving in right across from him and Paula is a sure sign she has an agenda.

At this point I will be very happy to see the back of Altus. I loathe him now even more than I dislike Kristin. Although I would hate it if witch number 1 got what she came for.

To be honest…I think Altus is a lot more comfortable with Kristin. They seem better matched than he and Paula.

Hopefully that new lawyer sticks around Hillside. He looks much better suited to a grown up woman like Paula than wimpy Altus ever did. Even Marko is a better match.


Talk about manipulative! Natalie (Daniella Deysel) has come to take revenge on Xander and so far we don’t know why. And no one in Hillside seem to care.

If they believe Xander to be as innocent as they say they do, then why would Natalie accuse him? That would be my first question. She didn’t want Vanessa’s money. So why isn’t anyone in 7de laan wondering what she wants?

Xander meanwhile should be jailed for stupidity! Can a lawyer be so stupid as to have wine in the office after work alone with his assistant? Not to mention the unprofessional glances and meals?

Natalie probably has a case for sexual harassment without the attempted rape allegations- if we didn’t see for ourselves how witch number 2 orchestrated the whole situation to suit her purposes.

By the way, I don’t blame Vanessa for doubting Xander initially. He doesn’t exactly have a track record of being faithful. Seeing how he cheated on Felicity to be with Vanessa and I seem to remember him dating another woman when he thought him and Vanessa were going to divorce. Not to mention his determined pursuit of Bonita.

I like the actress who plays Natalie…if she could be redeemed somewhat, I find her acting less grating than say Kim or Pulane’s.


I liked Elaine almost from day 1 and wouldn’t have minded if she was Willem and/or Ty’s romantic interest.

But the moment she went psycho, she also got a lot more interesting! OMW! The Natasha Dryden is doing such a good job playing Elaine.

No overacting or anything.

Elaine set her sights on Willem and she doesn’t have time for his current love/ex step mommy!

Elaine is freaking scary, mind you. But how did Felicity just sit there and let her make threats? Felicity has never been the type to let a little girl scare her.

What is this psycho girl going to do? Keep Willem captive and ‘marry’ him? Lock Felicity away somewhere or murder her? (Oh and how come not one of the busy bodies in Hillside is wondering why Felicity is happy and glowing just a few months after her beloved husband’s sudden death?)

But for story purposes, I can accept it. Willem and Felicity’s nightmare has just begun!

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