Last week on 7de laan 05/02/2016

I just had to recap last week’s 7de laan with all the crazy drama (can’t promise that I can do it regularly). But here goes…

The week started with Xander in court for the alleged sexual assault of his clerk, Natalie. I must say…on the flimsiest of evidence that you’ve ever seen. Natalie has a better chance of a sexual harassment in the workplace claim than a sexual assault claim. But anyway…

The court room scenes were actually suspenseful. Both the prosecution and Xander’s defense attorney looked professional and competent. (Remember that prosecutor put Emma in prison!)


Natalie and Xander were both put under pressure by the opposing council, but Xander’s friends didn’t help him much. What with Bonita testifying about her brother in law’s pursuit of her, Errol mentioning how uncomfortable Natalie seemed in Xander’s presence and Vanessa testifying that she believed in her husband’s innocence despite the evidence she saw in his office on the night of the alleged assault.


The worst was the last minute unverified audio recording Natalie sprung on the court at the last minute. And then a video Diederik discovered by accident, showing a distressed looking Natalie after the alleged assault.

The audio in particular could’ve been done at anytime. The video didn’t show any assault.

Seeing how you can go to prison for 10 months for knowingly killing a person or receive a 5 year suspended sentence and 1 month license suspension for killing someone while drunk driving, Xander shouldn’t lose any sleep even if he is found guilty on Monday. An attempted assault is probably a 1/2 day in prison.

Having said that, there’s no credible evidence of any assault…only her word against his. And shoddy police work.

The best part of the whole court case was Xander’s lawyer! I hope we can keep him on 7de laan!

Kristin wormed her way in Altus’ life with baby AJ. Turning up whenever and where ever she wished…because the baby needs his daddy! Even though Altus told her there has to be boundaries.

Not that either Kristin or Altus know about boundaries.


Paula at first wanted Altus to have nothing to do with the baby…other than financially supporting him. But soon relented to supervised visits at their home. That lasted for about a day before Altus went over to drop off visitation rights papers and stayed to chat with Kristin while waiting for baby AJ to wake from his nap.


And then Kristin got upset when Altus had to leave the baby with Paula while he helped Oubaas. I mean in what world should either Altus or Paula feel bad about that? What harm would Paula do to the baby?

Paula said it feels like it’s her and Altus vs him, Kristin and AJ. Well, it should be Paula, Altus and the baby on one side and with Kristin having her own separate relationship with the baby. Paula should make herself part of that family – she may not be a birth mother, but she is now a step (heart) mother.


I could’nt even watch Kristin being bitchy to Paula when they were alone and nice when Altus walked in.

To make matters worse, Altus kept on taking Kristin’s side and then saying he’s in the middle.

To be fair to Altus it is a new situation for him; his wimpy ways just makes it easier for Kristin to manipulate him with the baby as bait.

By the end of the week, Kristin was in hospital with a burst appendix and Paula’s weekend plans was in ruins. Instead of being upset, she should’ve been happy to have a few Kristin-free days with a chance to bond with her new step child.

We started to see Elaine’s levels of crazy last week, but she took it up a notch when she visited Felicity at Eclectic-E dressed up in Felicity’s style. This after having found Willem’s shirt on Felicity’s bedroom floor. She confronted Willem who asked her (in no uncertain terms) to leave him alone.


But Elaine is convinced that all that stands in the way of her and Willem’s true love is Felicity.

Despite being told off and forcibly removed from the Croukamp mansion by Willem, Elaine went full steam ahead with wedding plans! With dress designed by the Felicity Daniels!

With keys stolen from Felicity, Elaine had the freedom of the formerly Terblanche, then Lategan, now Croukamp mansion.

She managed to get Felicity out by having an Oggendblad reporter calling for a story about a possible Felicity/Willem romance.

And then she hit Willem over the head with a candlestick and held him captive.


And then she sent Felicity a message from Willem’s phone, saying he needs space.

That girl is deliciously, entertainingly crazy

Oom Oubaas and Hilda’s wedding day finally, finally arrived. I pretty much ignored the lead up to it, but the wedding itself turned out quite nicely.


Of course we will only know if they are properly married this time when they hand in a properly signed register.

We saw what might be Bernard’s final duties as 7de laan photographer for all occasions.


Sifiso and Matrone did a very good job transforming the roof top of the Heights. (I wonder if landlords Ty and Willem know 😉 )

Mercifully this storyline is over. I hope the happy couple are off for a long, uneventful holiday in Amsterdam.

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