Altus says goodbye to Paula and to 7de laan

It’s been building up ever since Kristin pitched up in Hillside with Altus’ son just after Paula found out that Altus had a secret vasectomy after their first divorce.

So it was almost a relief when Altus decided to take a break from the consequences of his decisions. A coward to the bitter end.


Paula told Altus to choose between her and his son.  Because she couldn’t deal with Kristin’s scheme to drive a wedge in their marriage.

He didn’t choose anyone. He chose to go do a long term project in Cape Town and Kristin heard him and without his knowledge decided to follow him. His intention – it seems – was to leave Kristin and AJ living across the hallway from Paula!

Funny enough, no one came off looking well.

Kristin has no pride at all. Chasing after a man who loves another woman. How can anyone live like that?


Altus looks like he can’t be bothered either way. He certainly doesn’t look like someone who is pained to be losing the woman he loves, despite what he said.


And even Paula. She just comes across as selfish and as self centered as always. She made as if she’s the hard done by wife. When she could have chosen a different way to deal with the new situation. But that’s who she is. Not that Altus had any right to call her selfish the other day. It’s not like he has the right to expect his wife to automatically understand.


That’s the other thing with Paula and Altus. Why I stopped thinking of them as “meant for each other” after their baby died. You know…after Paula went off to grieve on her own for months and months. And couldn’t be bothered that Altus also lost a child.

It just showed how little they care for each other. They were always more about the dream than living every day realities. They could never work through the tough times.

On Altus’ last day in Hillside he asked Sifiso to run Bruynwaves in the mean time.


Then he said his not-so-very heartfelt goodbye to Paula.

Although Paula made more of an effort to make the goodbye seem a bit more heart wrenching.


I can’t say I was moved by the goodbye and I thought I might be since I was a big Paula and Altus fan until Paula returned as if nothing had happened after her miscarriage.

At least we saw some really good acting from Diaan Lawrenson, especially with Paula and Kristin scenes.

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