Last week on 7de laan 18/02/2016

Let me start with the bad news first. Elaine was institutionalised for her murder/suicide attempt. With not a goodbye nor another glimpse of her. I already miss that psycho girl.

The police couldn’t find the gun Elaine threatened Willem and Felicity with, not knowing that Ty had taken his gun away. Although Felicity suspected it.


When Felicity confronted him, Ty realised the gun needed to be returned to the Croukamp home. In pure Ty style, he found a way to hide the gun under the carpet in the living room area.

Some of my favourite 7de laan scenes these days involve Ty and Willem together.

Felicity accidentally stumbled on the gun. So that seems to be that.

After the whole drama with Elaine, the Hillside Times reluctantly did a story, just as a new acting editor…in the form of Arno Marais, arrived. Isidingo’s Benjamin le Roux! Was I ever happy to see one of my favourite tv villains!


Nico Kriel, in his first and hopefully not last job as editor of the Times, completely rewrote Errol’s article. Accusing Willem and Felicity of masterminding Louis and Herman’s death so they could be together.

Willem was furious and Felicity was embarrased.

So Willem threatened to sue the Hillside Times for R5million for libel. Only problem is, half of the story is true and Ty, Gita and Bonita know about it. And Elaine, but who will listen to her?

At first Willem wouldn’t let it go and stubbornly held onto his threat.


Apparently Charmaine’s lawyer told her to try and settle with Willem and she agreed with Errol and Vince to offer R200 000.


Felicity managed to get Willem to drop his claim and Errol fired Benjamin le Roux (hopefully not for long!)

Altus departed Hillside. You can read more about that here. With Kristin following close behind (thank the soapie gods she’s gone).



Paula asked for 3 weeks leave to visit her dad in Caracas, but when Charmaine declined it, she resigned and went anyway.

Xander’s stint in prison started badly. The prison guard, Tony (Marlo Minnaar), extorted money from him to keep him safe. And Bonita, former criminal, was there to step in to help. With her contacts in the underworld.
Bonita was right in her element as she negotiated with the prison guard

She gave him R5000 up front with the promise of another R5000 if Xander is kept safe.


When she found out the guard didn’t keep up his end of the deal,  Bonita wouldn’t pay the other half.

Which angered the guard who threatened to take payment in other ways. But Bonita called in reinforcements.

I’m not particularly enjoying the prison scenes, however Theo Meintjies is doing a pretty good job. He must’ve been bored out of his mind playing the same boring Xander scenes before this. Also, Marlo Minnaar is very good. 7de laan have lately been upping their game with their choice of new actors.


Tony and Bonita’s scenes are my other favourites of the week. Very compelling.

Vanessa was upset throughout the week, because of course her husband is unjustly imprisoned.

She got to take it out on the woman who put him there when Natalie goaded her in Oppiekoffie.


What I don’t understand is why Vanessa thinks it’s okay to slap the woman, but still not wonder about Natalie’s motives. Sorry, but if you think your husband is innocent, then you must question why he was accused. These 7de laan people just like to act like victims all the time. If she thinks her husband is innocent then prove it.

Vanessa and the rest of the Hillside residents did not see what we the viewers saw. They don’t know for sure what happened.

But also, Natalie must just go now!

Speaking of going…Hilda and Oubaas at last departed for my long awaited break from them…uhmmmm their honeymoon in Amsterdam.


Looks like Matrone and Charmaine are about to take Kim under their wings so she can gone her non-existent flirting skills. Fortunately there’s a fast forward button.

Felicity employed a new designer Nandi (Mbali Mlotshwa) who will be moving into Sonja’s old flat. (Funny how Sonja lived in there for 3 months and Emma probably 3 years and it’s still Sonja’s flat.)

The new lady is very pretty and since she is black, Sifiso should ready himself for a new romance.


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