Last week on 7de laan 26/02/2016

Last week I was shocked to find out that Kim is an Aries! As a fellow Aries that hurt 😉

What I’m going to say now is not because of what I just wrote above…but I sort of enjoyed the Kim and Matrone scenes. It was entertaining (says I against my better judgement.)


Kim and Matrone are perfectly matched. Total opposites. 

While Kim has agreed to be tutored in how to find a husband, she hasn’t followed Matrone’s advice. In truth, neither would I. Well except for the whole desperate part. And the whole talking over the poor date’s responses. And calling the man first. But I would never pretend to be something I’m not.

Enough of Kim!

Let me quickly just add that Pulane is back in town. Looking rather refreshed and pretty with her natural hair. She and Kim quickly got into skinderbek mode.


Bernard and the new girl Nandi Khumalo got into a slight car/bicycle accident. I’m so happy that we’re getting lots and lots of Bernard scenes before he leaves.

Bernard eventually took her to hospital and visited her throughout the day. The two sparring with each other at every visit. You know, that soapie device to show the two will fall for each other.


The more Bernard, the better.

After (quickly) healing from surgery to stop internal bleeding, the two were at each other’s throats once again.

A historical event occurred. For the first time in my 7de laan viewing history – which has been off/on over the years – I heard characters acknowledging race!


Wow! I didn’t even know Bernard knew Sifiso is black 😉
But even more astonishing, a character said the word gay.


To be honest, if Bernard had come out as gay, I would not have been surprised. I just get that vibe.

But he says his not and no one has the right to question someone else’s sexuality. Unless you’re going to be with them.

That wasn’t all we saw of adorable Bernard mind you.

Contrary to what we (and Felicity) were led to believe, Willem had no intention of dropping the lawsuit against The Hillside Times.

At first the Meintjies family wanted to fight the claim.


But then Charmaine got Xander’s proxy to do as she thought good. She decided to close the Times doors and give Willem the R2million he wanted.


Felicity still tried to get Willem to see reason, but he wouldn’t budge.


So she gave him a whole speech about his father having been the love of her life and that she needed someone more mature and strong. Plus she said Herman cared for the people of Hillside.

Before we knew it, a few flashbacks whizzed across our screens, including one with Danelle and another with Emma. Strangely Neville wasn’t the centre of the short goodbye to the Hillside Times montage.

In no time at all the place was empty as Errol followed Charmaine out of the building.

To be fair, the Hillside Times ran it’s course after Neville Meintjies died. They don’t even have a proper editor or journalists. Maybe they can start a news website?

The Xander/Bonita storyline is my current favourite! Tony and Bonita are especially entertaining.


After all the favours her gangster friend Bobby has been doing for her and Xander, he wanted payback!


He wanted Bonita to smuggle drugs into the prison and have Xander pass it to a fellow prisoner. Bonita lied to Xander, telling him it was migraine pills.

Xander took the pills, but soon there was a cell check up and the drugs found in another cell mate’s belongings (put there by another mute, but strangely good looking prisoner.)

When the hand over did not occur, Bobby hounded Bonita. He sent someone to physically assault her.

Bonita told another lie. She told Vince, Vanessa and Xander’s lawyer that the flower shop was robbed and she couldn’t see the guy’s face.

On hearing about the assault, Xander begged Tony to help him get the drugs back and then get it to the intended criminal.

Tony demanded more money. Much more. Xander gave his bank account number and pin code to Bonita. All Bonita has to do is to get Xander’s cellphone from Vanessa.

All these lies are going to mean big trouble for both Xander and Bonita again.

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