Last week on 7de laan 04/03/2016

Last week I fast forwarded a lot on 7de laan. The prison scenes, Matrone and her drama, Hilda and Gita were all pretty much fast forward material for me.

I still enjoyed seeing Tony though. And Bonita. Which makes the prison story worthwhile.

So let’s start with Bonita…

The noose is tightening for Bonita Meintjies! She’s getting herself and Xander into a lot of trouble.

After managing to get Xander’s phone, she was able to withdraw money for the ever more greedy Tony.


For an over confident ex-con Bonita doesn’t have a clue what she’s doing. Every time she thought she was done with Bobby, another packet of drugs found it’s way into the flower shop to get smuggled into prison.


Meanwhile Vince visited his wife at work. He saw a message on her phone from Bobby. Bonita explained it away, saying it’s a customer.

Xander though had had enough! Already Xander is guilty of a crime he did commit. Drug smuggling!

He came up with a plan to have the older, tougher of his cellmates (who was also extorting money out of him) to beat him up so he could end up in hospital. A private hospital nogal.


The formerly mute Jan got a few words in even when he called for help.

Bonita asked for help from Xander’s lawyer, André. She eventually came clean. But not before again lying to her husband about the reason André was in the flower shop.


Needless to say, André was furious!


We’ll have to wait and see how this mess Bonita created gets resolved. She’ll be lucky to get out of it with her marriage intact.

Marko got a customer in his restaurant. A very distinguished looking gentleman carrying a yellow rose. The man appeared a few times waiting for a blind date who never arrived.


Turns out he’s an architect and Stasie Ses is doing renovations in the kitchen.

And Matrone was on the warpath because she thought Marko didn’t need her cooking anymore.


Anyone else think Matrone and the new man’s stars are about to collide?

Bernard and Miss Khumalo kept literally bumping into each other.


But Sifiso also has his eye set on the lovely lady.


Sifiso tried everything in his power to woo her. Using some of the cheesiest, worst pick up lines you could ever imagine. Sifiso isn’t even charming…just cheesy. I don’t know what woman would fall for his nonsense. Other than Pulane.

Bernard and Nandi are more suited to each other, but the childish way the 7de laan writers are writing their story and the limited amount of time Bernard still has left in the laan, makes me doubt we’ll see much of them.

Bernard got a job at T&T’s wellness centre to keep him busy. Felicity should hire Aggie too. I’m sure there’s lots of admin to be done between T&T, Eclectic E and The Heights.

Gita pitched up in Hillside in disguise.


She chose to disclose her presence to Hilda. And asked for help to get into Ty’s penthouse. But as luck would have it (and Ty/Gita have the luck of saints), Ty’s spy pen was accidentally forgotten in the Deli and recorded Gita talking to Hilda.

Hilda picked up on his suspicions and refused to help Gita further.


I’m surprised how little I care for this storyline. Been there, done that, I suppose. I do like having Gita back mind you. And Ty and his suspicious glances make my day!

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