Bernard and Nandi Kiss on 7de Laan and the Racists Come Out of their Closets

Last night on 7de laan the inevitable happened. Bernard and Nandi kissed!

We saw it coming a mile away of course. Sifiso, however, got in the way for a while to slow things down.

And while we saw Bernard’s feelings grow, we didn’t see much interest from Nandi’s side. Well, other than for Sifiso.

But after work on Monday’s episode, Nandi and Bernard had pizza together and finally, finally the moment presented itself for the kiss.

No sooner had the two ended the kiss when Sifiso walked in. Damn fool!


I’m living overseas for the next few months and catching up on YouTube, so wasn’t aware there was any controversy surrounding the pairing. It’s actually embarrassing going on social media and seeing how really silly a small section of our population can be. And even worse seeing it from a distance.

Personally, I’ve seen interracial couples amongst my family, friends and colleagues and of course on tv. To be honest, I haven’t even looked at Nandi as being black and Bernard white. Even though that’s a part of who they are. They seem very equally matched. Beautiful, smart and from well to do families.

To me they are just two young people who’ve met and are falling for each other.

So it’s very strange to see people commenting on this website and on social media complaining about the couple. Especially when the complaints are only based on their race.

I had no idea there are people who still think the world (and 7de laan) should stand still for them. In actual fact, I think that in the last year or so, 7de laan have finally made their stories relevant by acknowledging the South Africa we now live in. Not the fantasy where everyone lives happily together, but never date or marry across the colour line.

I’m glad I live in a world where Bernard and Nandi and can meet date, get married and have beautiful babies if they choose.  Instead of the closed off world where some of the 7de laan viewers reside.  I can’t even imagine living in such a claustrophobic, repressed space.

There is NOOOO way 7de laan can tailor their stories to the racist few.  If they even tried, they would lose this viewer for sure!


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