Last week on 7de laan 01/04/2016

Last week we still saw Sifiso bitching and moaning about Bernard and Nandi’s new relationship.

The amount of time Sifiso’s spent crying over his ‘break-up’ is now officially longer than the total length he chased and dated Nandi.  Isn’t there some kind of rule against that?

Meanwhile Nandi and Bernard were having real conversations about their budding relationship.  

They acknowledged their cultures and backgrounds.  Something I can’t remember seeing in other soapies.  And judging by what went on social media and in the other media, interracial dating isn’t as accepted as we’ve been led to believe.

Then Linda, Bernard’s mother pitched up at his door.  Unsurprisingly she voiced concern about her son dating someone from another race and culture.image

Bernard reminded his mother about her dislike for the previous love of his life.  Danielle.

Linda reminded Bernard of his bad decision in the past – him dating Gita!

Bernard was not to be put off.

In the kind, but firm way that is Bernard, he told his mother that Nandi is the girl for him and that he won’t make the same mistake he made with Danelle.  Wasting time by allowing his mother a say in his future.

Nandi had her own problems with her family.image

Her parents who adore Sifiso saw Bernard kissing Nandi in Oppiekoffie and her father was not happy about her dating that ‘white boy.’image

He said he would only speak to Nandi once she was no longer involved with Bernard. image

Nandi told her mother that she adores Bernand and wasn’t prepared to give him up.

Even Pulane gave her two cents worth…saying that Nandi could tick dating a white boy off her bucket list. After attacking Nandi for cheating on Sifiso.  Whatever!

Ty got himself in some more trouble!  Arghhhh I adore Ty.  I can’t say it enough!  But I have to say it while he’s still on the show!

This time henchman extraordinaire  Andries’ ex-wife Joyce pitched up at Ty’s door! Andries left with all the money he acquired from Ty and Gita and left her destitute.  Now Joyce wants money out of Ty so she can live the life she thinks she deserves.

She came to 7de laan with a flash drive containing a video of Ty admitting. To murdering Louis and Herman. And she wants money for her silence. Lots of it!

I’m a lot less interested in Joyce than in Ty’s reaction to this cougar.
And we’re seeing a different side to Ty!  Heeding Kim’s advice, Ty has decided to loosen up as part of his plan to get Joyce to fall for him and somehow get rid of her.  I have no clue what he’s up to.  But I’m enjoying seeing him try.

Especially the little striptease he performed.

Ty is by far the best actor on 7de laan.  And funniest. When he leaves I’ll have no one to look forward to seeing on screen every day :'(


Matrone realised that she could not endure Douglas’ attention every single minute of every single day, so she came up with a plan to find the original woman Douglas had met online.

With Marko’s help she found  the lady and set up a meeting at the Boekwinkel.

The way Douglas immediately turned his attentions to the other woman should tell Matrone everything she needs to know about that man. image

I’m with Matrone on this.  A man must keep himself entertained when I’m working at the very least 🙂

Xander was still struggling getting clients after his stint in prison.  He wouldn’t open up to Vanessa, yet felt that Bonita is the only one who understands him.

Vince wasn’t convinced that Bonita helping Xander was only out of the goodness of her heart.  He called a meeting with the two and asked them straight out whether they have feelings for each other.

Both denied it.  However once Xander and Bonita talked again, there sure was what seemed like romantic tension between them.

Although Bonita said it was only because they had the common experience of being imprisoned that caused the closeness.

I’m not convinced.  Those two pretty much always had chemistry even when they weren’t even trying.

Paula was back.  Back to being blonde as well.  It suits her so much that I still can’t believe anyone behind the scenes at 7de laan thought it would be a good idea to introduce a brunette Paula to the world.

While aimlessly trying to find something to keep her busy, Paula ran into Elsa Winterbach who suggested Paula get back into fashion styling.  At first she wasn’t keen on the idea, but Elsa insisted and even came up with an urgent gig for Paula. image

The former Mrs de Bruyn was in her element!  Convincing Felicity to borrow her clothing for the photoshoot.

She had a bit of a selfish moment when she ignored her unemployed bestie, Aggie. image

But soon made up for it.  Showing us that she’s not completely going back to selfish, self absorbed Paula.

PS. I miss Tony the prison warden. Just thought I’d share that 😉

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