Last week on 7de laan 15/04/2016

Last week was Ty’s final week on 7de laan for now.  I hope we’ll see him sometime in the future – I need something to hold onto 🙂

Ty was once again outwitted by his mother.  Of course we didn’t know Gita was his mother until recently, but that’s besides the point.

Gita was released on bail, pending her trial and went about trying to clear her name.  She started with Joyce, the latest woman who had been blackmailing Ty.  Gita found the memory stick with Ty’s confession attached to Joyce’s dog’s collar.

Gita confronted Ty, letting him know that she found the memory stick and was prepared to use it to get back her shares  in The Heights and the Deli and she also wanted her Penthouse back.

Ty had other plans.  He found a man who also has a grudge against Gita.  They found out Gita’s bail conditions stipulated she remain in the Johannesburg area and decided to get Gita to breach her bail conditions.


But when the guy coerced Gita into his ‘taxi’, Gita tasered him and escaped, appearing at Ty’s penthouse once again!  She realised that Ty would never stop trying to get at her and the only way was for him to leave the country.

Gita then went to Xander to ask for legal advice and had to threaten him to get some help.


She first wanted to try and frame Mr Masangu, but decided to instead to send the memory stick to the police.  After tasering Ty as well, Gita told him that his only option was to leave the country, as his mother she didn’t want to see him prison.


After signing over power of attorney to Gita, Ty reluctantly climbed into Hilda’s couch (which magically got a storage area) and was presumably sent overseas.


The whole scenario was of course totally implausible…ridiculous even.  Because firstly, how is Ty going to get out of the country in a couch? Secondly, if that video file Gita sent even reaches the police, how is that evidence of anything?   And thirdly, why would Ty just give Gita everything, knowing that she was going to the police?  He could’ve escaped on his own, leaving her with nothing.

But anyway…

Nandi got on my last nerve last week!  What kind of girlfriend would want the love of her life to give up his dream?  Nandi, that’s who.  Although by the time I type this she would’ve hopefully come to her senses.

After eventually getting her father to accept her and Bernard’s relationship, Nandi turned out to be the obstacle in their path as a couple.

Bernard received a great opportunity to work and study under some of the best photographers at a newspaper in Seattle, USA.  He was so happy and excited to share the news with Nandi.


At first he turned them down after Nandi got upset and took it as a personal rejection.


After the Seattle people sweetened the offer, Bernard agreed.  But just before receiving the new offer, Bernard texted Nandi that he wouldn’t accept the offer.  She was so happy when she next saw him in the Deli, unaware that he once again had changed his mind.


When he later told Nandi that he had accepted, she was even more upset.


She told Bernard that she went through a lot to be with him and he chose his career opportunity over her.  Even though he asked her to go with him.


That girl needs a wake up call! She will never, ever find someone sweeter and more caring than Bernard.  But I have a feeling love will eventually prevail in this case.

Errol and Charmaine returned from where ever Jocelyn was.  We found out that Jocelyn had died after an illness and that Errol had time to have long bedside chats with his mother before her passing.


Paula is broody and after working with children on a photo shoot, she is now determined to have a baby. We don’t even know if she and Altus are still married, but she’s talking about not wanting a man in her life.


She decided that a sperm donor and artificial insemination was the way to go.

Aggie got upset because she was concerned that the child wouldn’t know his/her father.

Whatever…I just fast forwarded this whole story line.  Thank you YouTube!

I also fast forwarded most of the stand up comedy story.  Except for the stand up performances itself.  Which was pretty good – well, the professionals were good anyway.


Diederik seemed to think he and Kim had a chance again because he looked disappointed to see her disappearing from the Club with Willem.



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