Last Week on 7de Laan 22/04/2016

Fortunately we got another week of Ty last week.  I savoured every moment of his time on screen!


Things went wrong with the whole idea of smuggling him to Dubai in Hilda’s couch.  Oom Oubaas took the couch back and Ty managed to escape. He then hid out and eventually contacted Gita who gave him money for a cab and some other stuff and told him to meet her at the Heights later that night.

On his way in The Heights, Kim saw Ty and screamed blue murder.


She ran to Oubaas and told him to call the police.  Ty panicked and continued to Gita’s penthouse.  He was barely there when the police arrived.  Two criminals who’ve gotten away with a multitude of crimes and they just sit there waiting for the police to arrive.  Seriously!

But anyway!

Gita told Ty to pretend that he’s holding her hostage.  She said something about wanting to be a mother and make up for her mistakes.  As if she was actually  helping her son.


Another stupid idea because now he was in the process of committing another crime!


The army or whatever they were managed to find their way into the penthouse and Ty was arrested.


When he was questioned in jail, Ty confessed to the crime, saying he didn’t intend for the Croukamps to be killed.


Who confesses to a crime before they get to court these days? See how long Oscar and other criminals are roaming in the streets?  There wasn’t even real proof that Ty did the crime.

I’m just a bit sore that we had to say goodbye to my favourite character, so don’t mind me 😉

Speaking of saying goodbye…

Bernard said his goodbyes to his friends.  He didn’t have time for a party.  These days no one has time for that in 7de laan.  Remember the good old days when there was a party every time someone even went on holiday?

After showing Kim the new systems he implemented, Bernard went to Sifiso and apologised for the way he handled his growing interest in Nandi while she and Sifiso were still dating.


Sifiso eventually accepted the apology,


Meanwhile Nandi’s mother overheard Linda talking on the phone about how she arranged Bernard’s overseas job and how much of an opportunity it is for him. She went to confront Linda.


Linda still hasn’t learnt from her past mistakes.  In actual fact she doesn’t even seem all that concerned that Bernard’s last fiancee was dead.  She actually admitted that no girl was good enough for her son.

Bernard’s final stop was at Nandi’s studio.


He told her that he wished she could go with him, but he understood that she couldn’t just uproot her life for him.


He told her that he loved her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and that the opportunity in Seattle would only be a year.


They would have time to be together.  He said he hoped it wasn’t the end of their relationship.


Nandi told him she loved him too as he was leaving.

By following morning she was again saying Bernard left because he didn’t care about her.  That girl, hey!

Diederik set her straight.  He told her Nandi that Bernard didn’t know his mother had set up the job in Seattle and that he was torn leaving her.

Nandi went to confront the unrepentant Linda.


She told her that if Bernard knew what his mother did it would break his heart even more.


Nandi ran into Sifiso outside Oppiekoffie and apologised for the way she started her relationship with Bernard.  After Nandi told her it was true love between her and Bernard, Sifiso encouraged her to follow Bernard to Seattle.


The next day Nandi’s parents brought her an air ticket, packed her a bag and told her to go be with the love of her life.


I guess Nandi has dual US citizenship or something, because she didn’t require a visa or anything.

I don’t think Bernard has ever looked more handsome nor has Werner acted better than in the last week.  7de laan should really use their actors better long before they leave!

As for the rest…


Thinus arrived to stay with Oom Marko and Paula got all broody.  I told my sister that of the three actors, Thinus was by far the most natural.


This whole happy families thing with the three just got on my nerves.  Paula just ask Marko to have a baby and move on.  I do like that Paula has a grown up story and Marko is getting something to do and Thinus is visiting.  But the story itself is just vomit inducing.

Sorry, I’m still a bit sore about Ty 😉

Charmaine got it in her head to meddle in other people’s family business again.  She told Errol that his mother had left him a family heirloom necklace.


Errol was so happy!

That is until he found the letter his mother wrote to someone called Ron.  She said Ron deserves to have it.  Why on earth would Charmaine lie.  She doesn’t even know who Ron is.  He could be Jocelyn’s brother, father or another son or something.


And then to just crumble the letter and discard it in the living room wastepaper basket.


Charmaine needs a little visit from her sister Vivian, I’d say!

Kim got a new roommate, Pulane, but not before Gita increased her rent by 10% for gossiping about how she helped the police to apprehend Ty.

The highlight of the last part of the week was seeing a glimpse of prison warden Tony!

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