7de laan Recap

Apologies dear readers for not doing the recaps regularly.  I’m living overseas until the end of 2016 and binge watch a weeks worth of episodes on Youtube, whenever I get a chance.

Enough of the chitchat…here’s what went down in the Laan recently…

The week after Bernard and Nandi left, the episode started very weirdly with Bonita in bed with Tony!

It took me less than a half a second to realise that it had to be a dream.  Anyway, the dream sequence ended with a sobbing Bonita, lying down next to her newly deceased husbandimage

The next day we got a little bit (but not much clarity).  Bonita was in hospital, shot.  And Vince was nowhere to be seen.  And the Meintjies family were acting weirder than normal. Oh and Tony was lurking around.

To make an unnecessarily long story short, Vince was kidnapped by Tony on the instructions of Bobby’s wife, Lucille.  

Remember, Bobby was the one who kept sending drugs to the flower shop for Bonita to smuggle into prison. So Bonita hired someone to kill him.  Now Lucille, played by Elzabe Zietsman, has surfaced and wants to avenge her beloved husband’s death.  

Which is fair enough if you look at it from her point of view. Bonita did ask Bobby for the drugs initially and then got him murdered when she could no longer handle the situation she created.

Tony used the opportunity to lure Bonita into bed (for real this time) with the promise that he would tell her where Vince was being help captive.  Surprising no one, except Bonita, Tony gave her the wrong details.  He was then sent away by Lucille.  I first thought he was sent to go swim with the fishes or whatever villains in the northern parts of the country do. But it now seems he went to Cape Town. We can only hope he’s still alive and well.

Lucille had an  ultimatum for Bonita though. Choose to either kill Vince or Charmaine.  I would have been happy with either, but when she reluctantly chose Charmaine, I was a bit bothered.  Because any chance to get rid of Vince looks very tempting to me.  It would free Bonita up to be a whole lot more interesting. (Look no further than Bonita for your next villain, 7de laan writers.)

After some more heavy-handed threats from Lucille, Bonita invited Charmaine to supper one evening with the intention of poisoning her food.

Oh, let me just say here…Bonita is such a stupid fool! And I hate to call people stupid, but WTF! She refuses to accept Xander and/or Vanessa’s help, but she’s prepared to kill Charmaine.  Take another life, just like that.

At the last minute she threw the poisoned food away and was forced to come up with a new plan, with an impatient Lucille hot on her heels.  Her plan it seems, is to kill Vivian instead of Charmaine.

So the little hussy went to the institution where Vivian is being kept and convinced her to escape from the hospital.  

Which they successfully did.  At the same time Bonita convinced Vanessa to get Charmaine out of town.  And got Vivian to stand in for her at Oppiekoffie.

OMW! How I love Vivian.  If Bonita as much as touches a hair on Vivian’s head, I swear I’ll pay off a 7de laan writer to write her out 😉

Paula and Marko agreed to have a child together, yet not be a couple.  

But it seems as if Marko is catching some feelings.  Whatever.  The story is okay, but I can’t say I’m interested in seeing what happens next.

Kim and Pulane were having roommate issues.  And Kim asked Willem to help her find a guy . Then she got it in her head that maybe Willem might be Mr Right Now.  Except, he didn’t feel the same. When Kim and Willem were going to the club together  and meeting up for dinner/drinks, it reminded me a lot of the old days of 7de laan when Wilmien crushed on George.  

But they all also went out together as pals.  I like Kim a lot more when she’s just fun and not involved in drama.

Errol got a girl.  Tarryn suits him, I think. Although she can get a bit annoying, I don’t really mind her.  Errol needed some romance.

And so do a lot of other 7de laan characters.

Tarryn and Errol dug up some medical files in a backroom at Stasie Ses.  Through a whole set of circumstances, turns out Hilda was a teen mother at the home for unwed mothers that Stasie Ses once was.  And somewhere on the planet is a daughter.  Hilda told Gita herself and Matrone overheard Hilda talking about the daughter to a private investigator.  

After an overreaction from Hilda, Errol and Tarryn now also know about the child. Netta suggested Hilda tell oom Oubaas before someone else does. All I ask is that Gita isn’t the daughter.  We need some new, fresh blood and stories in 7de laan. BTW, where is Oubaas’ children? I’m sure I remember him being a widower with at least two sons when 7de laan started. Back when Oubaas was a racist and didn’t want Dr Thabi to treat him. (He eventually changed though.)

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