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Last week the producer of the play Tarryn was in did us all a favour and fired the little pest’s arse, but Hilda made Gita get her job back! She was almost on her way to Cape Town. Tarryn started off so well, why did 7de laan have to make her so annoying, quite so fast? Whyyyy??? Errol deserved at least a month of happiness.

Well, maybe he is happy getting all that loving he’s been getting. But as a viewer, I’m not! I hate seeing Errol demeaned by that woman!

Tarryn went from interesting, to bossy, to possessive and plain rude to poor Errol, who deserves so much better. He waited so long for a girl to be interested, and now this!


She calls him Shorty, tells him how to dress, what to eat, when to work, where to work and when to spend times with his buddies.   TarrynErrol (2)She even insulted Errol when he brought her a bunch of flowers.


Then she sweets the pot every so often with kisses and invitations to her bedroom to keep him coming back for more insults. I have very little doubt that we’ll be seeing a love triangle soon with Pulane in the mix. Tarryn makes Pulane look a lot less of a pain in the behind. Actually I thought a Pulane/Errol relationship was long overdue. With their backgrounds of being orphans, homeless, basically illiterate when we met them and responsible for themselves from a young age, they are suited for each other.

Bonita nearly shot Vivian, but then Vince came and saved the day.


He escaped by magically overpowering his captors with a plate. And then threatened them to never return. What a freaking joke! Vince is the least scary person in all of Johannesburg, if not the entire South Africa. And I’m including Thinus here.

Anyway, Vivian escaped and was found in a nearby soup kitchen. I could personally have kicked Bonita in the shins when we were told that news. Bonita has no guilt, no shame, no conscience.  She does she wants and then plays the victim like the rest of those Meintjies when things don’t go her way.


What makes her and the rest of the Meintjies even worse, is that they act like they never do anything wrong. Bonita took it on herself to ‘save’ Xander from prison life. But still Xander had the nerve to blame her for bringing the drugs to prison, but he could have said no. He is as much to blame as her. He helped smuggle drugs into prison. A freaking real crime! And Bonita actually had a man murdered – which makes her equally responsible for a murder. She then put Vince in danger and the rest is 7de laan history.

At least Gita and Ty own their evilness. They don’t pretend to be committing crimes for the good of humanity like those Meintjies have been doing.

Arggghhhh I loathe those Meintjies.

And then Felicity accidentally ingested the poison that Bonita nearly fed to Charmaine. Not to Vivian! In my family we easily take sugar, salt, etc. out of cupboards when we visit. I don’t know how Bonita could just put it back there in full view for a second time.

Willem was rightfully furious with them when he found out – through another overheard conversation between Xander and Vanessa – who was involved with the poisoning.


Fortunately Charmaine heard that Bonita and the rest of the family were preparing to frame her sister (the one she hid away and ignored for years and years) for Vince’s kidnapping and she seems to have had enough of Bonita’s nonsense.

But we all know she’ll cover up all the crimes committed by her family and in the next moment look down her nose at Gita.

At least someone is as gatvol with that lot as I am. Thank you, Willem!


With how easily Vince has forgiven Bonita’s latest shenanigans, it can only mean one thing…trouble ahead.


When he finds out about Tony sleeping with his wife and potentially getting her pregnant, he won’t be feeling so lucky to call her his wife. I can’t even wait!

Paula and Marko’s ongoing baby saga lead the two to sleep together.


Marko seems to be in love with Paula, but she only seem to want a baby out of him. And that hormone treatment is pushing her towards Marko, more than her heart is.

When Marko mentioned how much they’d been through since they were last together, it was so obvious how mature the two had become.

I think they are the first of the 7de laaners who actually grew throughout the show – from two very shallow people to these mature adults who went through rejection, loss and pain. They would make a good couple if Paula wasn’t ruled by her heart, more than her head. Which is totally understandable – we are who we are.


Paula is of course still married and can only get a divorce in November, so I’m not sure what good it does for the two to be talking about getting married now already.

And another thing, Paula already said she isn’t in love with Marko and she sees them as friends. I’m afraid either Altus or Yannis is going sweep her off her feet again and leave poor Marko nursing a broken heart.

Let’s hope not. For Marko’s sake.

Diederik moved in with Willem and reluctantly went to his high school reunion in Prieska where he got very drunk and made some outrageous claims about his life. So much so that he got Bruynwaves a potentially huge contract. All he has to do is live up to the lies he told. Big house, nice car and wife of six years.


So far Sifiso and Vanessa aren’t impressed.   But as usual Bruywaves are on their last legs with no big clients left.

diederik (2)

Diederik wondered if he shouldn’t do it on his own rather.

I liked the whole buddy thing going on between Willem and Diederik and sometimes Sifiso too. 7de laan have always been about relationships and friendship at the heart of it.

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