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Last time I updated the goings on in 7de laan, Paula had left Marko and was busy on an overseas photo shoot. Tarryn was still terrorizing Errol, Bonita was still feeling sorry for herself after being called out by the formerly named Booysens mother and daughter  team. (Vanessa and Charmaine in case you’re wondering. 😉 ) Charlie had just arrived and had already started flirting with the ‘married’ Diederik, The Welmans, who are related to Willem had started arriving in the Laan and Aggie started her own business and landed a few clients, including an unknown man called Winston. That was a month ago and things have have moved forward quickly.


Errol eventually broke up with Tarryn after much drama, hissing and spitting.


I missed a few episodes and when I got back both Errol and Tarryn had disappeared, separately, I hope!

Bonita found herself another brother-in-law, Justin (Dann-Jacques Mouton). I swear, I only missed a few episodes and everything happened in those episodes. As far as I can tell, Justin arrived from Worcester to find his long lost brother, Vince.


Bonita is suspicious of Justin and has already been caught going through his backpack


and then when Justin was out, she  searched his laptop and found a file with photos of Vince’s life over the years. The kind of photos anyone of us might have if we were going in search of a recently discovered sibling. And  she emailed the file to herself. Bonita really needs a hobby outside of the flower shop.

Even if Justin is a bad guy, and I hope he isn’t, Bonita  could at least give the guy a chance. She’s been given so many chances already. Just this year alone, quite a few.

So far I like Justin. And I like that Vince accepted him immediately and that a DNA test confirmed their relationship. And since Justin is in the opening credits, I hope he’s going to stay for a while. Let us all pray to the soapie gods that Justin doesn’t fall for his sister-in-law.  We don’t need that nonsense again, 7de laan!!!! Imagine Justin AND Xander fighting over someone as bland and silly as Bonita.

Xander doesn’t at all like the idea of his brother having another brother.


Paula got back from her overseas trip and was contacted by one of her vlog viewers/commenter. The girl was having a baby and didn’t want to keep it.

Paula was sensible and asked Xander, who got Andre to draw up a contract for the adoption. Next thing you know the woman is in labour and Paula gets called for the birth. The ink was barely dry on the adoption contract when Paula took the cute little bundle of joy home.

Unsurprisingly, Paula was ecstatic, yet also daunted by the huge change in her life. All of Paula’s friends were happy for her and ready to pitch in.

They quickly organised a baby shower where Paula asked Aggie to be the baby’s godmother.


We saw so much of Paula and the baby, that I was getting a bit worried. In soapies nobody is ever this happy, without some drama on the horizon. But when she Skype’d with her dad, I thought maybe Paula and the baby would be visiting him for a while.

Paula kept on going on about how fulfilled she feels as a mother, even without much sleep. She asked Felicity to design matching outfits for her and the baby (ridiculous!)


…and even had a photo shoot.


Marko came around and offered to babysit!


But then Xander brought bad news, the baby, now named Mika, had to be returned to her biological mother. The woman wanted her baby back!

Paula was of course devastated! It was pretty devastating watching that scene too!


Gita meanwhile set her sights on Marko after a visit from Thinus (which I also managed to miss). That Thinus is a woman magnet for Marko, for sure!

Marko wasn’t in the least interested, but Gita tried all her best moves.


From inviting herself to his home, with wine and then falling asleep on the couch. To getting him to fix her lighting in her very bland bedroom.

It was not a pretty sight seeing Gita unsuccessfully throw herself at Marko!

Marko made it clear that he only wants to be friends. At least we know Marko does make a good friend.

Gita received a suspicious box and next thing we know she got very ill.


But fortunately when she phoned her new friend, Marko, he promptly turned up and took her to hospital where she was treated by  Dr Alexa Welman.


Marko told Alexa that he was Gita’s boyfriend, to get information about Gita’s health from her.  Could Thinus need a trip to the hospital on his next visit? 😉



The Welmans have now all arrived in Hillside, each with their own set of dramas. The son Rickus, got banned from tennis for using a banned substance. Youngest daughter and Amorey dropped out of chef college and of course dad Chris has something to do with a Vanessa. We just don’t what. I wonder if the 7de laan writers already know what the big secret is. When we find out it will probably be so silly, we’ll wonder what the fuss was all about. So I’m not even guessing.

Chris is another Herman. Just a whole lot better looking. And also a better actor. Chris, like Herman, knows only one mode and that’s angry!


His son Rickus is the one who felt his dad’s wrath most so far. Rickus was told to get drug tested every day and had to become his dad’s assistant.


I like the new family. Although I wish the parents would be less intense.  The youngest daughter Amorey is the most calm. Looks like she’s going to work with Vince eventually. Once Vince gets over the fact that the Deli needs a makeover. And it does.

I’m not sure what’s happened to Aggie’s business, because she now seems to be working full time for Winston. In the month since I last wrote an update, Aggie fell in love with Winston and he with her.

He told her that he was involved in a polygamous marriage and asked her to become his third wife.

Aggie2At first Aggie was shocked and said no. But after Paula encouraged her to do further research about polygamy, Aggie reconsidered and told Winston that she would be prepared to explore the idea while they dated for a while.


Arghhhhh… I dislike Winston and even Aggie in this story line. Why would she give up her principles for a man who already has two wives and has who knows how many children. But not only that, he’s boring, uninteresting, blah!

Hopefully Aggie changes her mind again! And soon! That contract needs to end, so Aggie can go work for her other clients.

I missed how the whole Charlie/Diederik/Chanterelle situation was resolved. But I did see Charlie all but throwing herself at Diederik…


which made Kim do the same.


From what I can gather, the function went off well. Unfortunately  I have no idea how and when Charlie left. Just that she wanted a married man, and of course Diederik isn’t really married.

And not it seems like Kim has feelings for Diederik, even though she’s denied it.

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