Catching up with 7de Laan

I’ve only watched a few episodes of 7de Laan over the last two years and the more things change the more they stay the same. Which is a good thing in some ways. It’s a bit like coming home to familiar faces after being out of the country for a few months.

Anyway, I caught up with a week’s worth of episodes on Youtube and there were some noticeable changes. The best one was seeing Hilda’s new look!

I saw it mentioned in my Twitter timeline, but never expected Hilda to look this good! Wow! I missed most of Oom Oubaas’ departure. I saw a one or two episodes when his new girlfriend visited Hillside with this two sons in tow but I didn’t stay long enough to see it resolved. In my opinion, 7de Laan is much better without Oom Oubaas. I’m not enjoying the two students who’ve somehow got Hilda doing their bidding.

I think one of the reasons I tuned out for a bit was the whole Aggie and Vince ‘romance’, which was too icky for my tastes. Thank goodness that’s over! But seems like Aggie is no longer worried about going to heaven because she was against Justin telling Vanessa about Bonita being their service provider. So now Justin is playing it straight and Aggie is telling lies.

Vanessa’s still annoying! And Xander and Vince still seem to be their usual blah selves too. Freaking Meintjies still getting on my nerves! I do like Bonita owning her bitch status though. That nice girl act must’ve been a wearing on her. A story arc with Tony might be just what the doctor ordered!

The Welman parents seem to be back together from what I can tell. I guess both parents are as bad as the other so they might as well stay together. Plus I like both of them. Where they get such boring children from the heavens alone knows. Alexa apparently came from Nigeria or somewhere looking very chirpy and full of life. I guess instead of giving you depth and character seeing children broken and dying makes one more shallow?

Something seemed to have happened to Amorey because she’s afraid to leave the house. I can’t say I was all that interested in the why’s and whatever. Amorey is pretty and I like her short hair, but she’s as boring as her brother and sister and now she’s dragged Willem to the boring side as well.

The real reason I tuned into 7de Laan for the last week is Vivian! I saw someone mention Vivian on my Twitter timeline and, well, I couldn’t resist. Vivian is back to terrorizing the Meintjies! Yay! She was trying to drive them crazy by letting them think that she and Charmaine had changed places. And Charmaine was acting weird too, which was all very stupid. Instead of asking her for answers to questions only Charmaine should know, the annoying Meintjies lot just all went around gossiping as usual and got nothing out of Charmaine. I mean, seriously they could’ve asked Charmaine almost anything to prove that she was she. And Vivian’s escape from the mental institute was as contrived as you can imagine. But whatever brings Vivian onscreen, I’m all for. And the best part of all was seeing Vivian in a new disguise.

Apparently, she’s not yet done with Charmaine!

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