Does Emile look like Kristin or what? #7delaan? 😉

So I was wondering who Emile looked like on 7De Laan the other day after Connie dressed him in drag. (Please don’t get me started on Connie who just needs to receive treatment – off-screen – in a clinic for a month or six!) He reminded me of Kristin!. Remember her? Part of the reason Altus and Paula’s marriage came to a crashing end.

Does Emile look like Kristin to you?

To be honest, I think Emile might even be a bit prettier, but only because he’s a lot nicer than Kristin was.

As pretty as Emile may or may not look, I do wish 7De Laan would cut this story very short. I wouldn’t have minded if Willem fell for Emile, rather than this totally horrible story line of him being tricked to fall for a man in drag. 7De Laan is not doing an LGBT story line justice with this trickery. And Connie is at the very least committing workplace harassment amongst a few other crimes by forcing Emile to do something he’s not comfortable him

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