How TF is Alexa and Fikani kissing on 7de laan still controversial in 2019?

It never occurred to me for one single second that Alexa kissing Fikani the other day on 7de laan was controversial. Alexa has been in a relationship with Justin and kissed him on-screen lots of times and she kissed Kevin a few times. So why the racists of South Africa has chosen the best looking of boyfriends to be offended by, I don’t know. Maybe there’s a hierarchy of blackness that’s acceptable to our racists. Situational racists, maybe. I think some of South Africa’s racist are going to have to hand in their racist cards.

If all of this seems familiar, well, it is. In 2016 when Bernard and Nandi fell in love, the racists were up in arms as well. Again, it wasn’t the first time 7de laan had crossed the colour line in the romance department. Because a year previously, in 2015, Willem romanced his father’s wife, Felicity. Willem and Felicity kissed multiple times. We even had a few rare 7de laan bedroom scenes.

Willem and Felicity

I think some South Africans make love across the colour line controversial because they feel powerless. When apartheid ended they had nothing and so now they look for something to hold onto. Just a pity that they think causing controversy over a soap opera like 7de laan is going to give them anything. It just separates them more from mainstream South Africa. A loss for them.

The official 7de laan social media account posted these very welcome remarks:

In light of our recent story line in which Fikani and Alexa share a kiss: As much as we respect our viewers’ right to voice their opinion, 7de Laan will not tolerate hate speech, racism or instigation of such narratives by any member of the public or media. We stand by our diverse story lines that tell stories of a real South Africa in which we all strive to live harmoniously. Inter-racial relationships are prevalent and 7de Laan is focused on putting the real South Africa on Television. It is our responsibility to show that art emulates life and in so doing 7de Laan shows the normality of the fact that love knows no age, gender or race.
We love and appreciate all our viewers, fans and followers.

Thank you for your unyielding support over the past 18- soon to be 19 years. End.

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