My favourite Isidingo Storylines

There’s just over a month – Isidingo is ending on 12 March 2020 – to go before the final episode of Isidingo airs on SABC 3, so it got me thinking of my favourite storylines over the years. When Isidingo started, there was the big murder of the Voster family, orchestrated by Cherel de Villiers. We had no idea that that was just the first of many of Cherel’s crime sprees in Horizon Deep. I think I was most shocked and angered and intrigued when Cherel murdered Barker Haynes’s son, Duncan. Cherel wasn’t my favourite character at the start of Isidingo, but she definitely became my all favourite. Even so, Cherel’s shenanigans aren’t at the top of my list of Isidingo stories.

My number one favourite story was the love affair between Phillippa de Villiers (Bianca Amato ) and Derek Nyati (Hlomla Dandala). Unbelievably, at the time, no South African series had depicted a black person and a white person kissing. I don’t remember all the details but I do remember being glued to the screen. The actors had very good chemistry and made it all look so natural. Of course, the usual suspects complained to whoever would listen about the aberration of seeing two people in love. Fortunately, for romantics, the relationship after marriage wasn’t carried out on-screen, so we didn’t have to deal with soapie affairs and miscarriages or even Cherel murdering any of them.

The wedding, itself, was the perfect ending to Derek and Pippa’s storyline on Isidingo. It was an event that’s become Isidingo’s signature. Beautiful, lavish multicultural weddings.

Feel free to add your own favourite storylines. I will add more as I remember/research them.

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