7De Laan Actors Back at Work post-Lockdown

By the looks of things, our favourites have been back at work since early May, creating new episodes of 7de Laan for us viewers. I have to say, it was comforting having episodes of 7de Laan to distract from the dreariness which was especially the start and level 4 of lockdown.

Quinne Brown (Connie van der Lecq) posted a picture of her hair being done on set.

Reandi Grey, or Esti as we know her back in the makeup chair getting ready to shoot more 7de laan episodes
KB Motsilanyane, Lesedi Moloi, posted a picture wearing a plastic face shield on the 7de Laan set.
Andre Lotter posted wearing his 7de Laan post-COVID-19
Corrine Du Toit posted a selfie with her set makeup from 7de Laan
Mila Guy (Lana) posted an article of an interview she did with Huisgenoot, about wearing masks prior to shooting post-COVID-19
Blyde Smit (Gabby), posted about going back to work 7 weeks ago.
Sesethu Ntombela (Khetiwe) posted a picture of her and Hildegardt Whites (Bonita) at work at 7de Laan

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