WTF! 7De Laan! Is Mariaan dead?

So last night on 7de Laan Mariaan’s life flashed before her and our eyes all episode long and then at the end she saw the light, which means death in the soapies. She struggled so hard to get out of the boot of Andre’s car just like she struggled to become the new Mariaan. And by the looks of it, she turned her life around to become the woman she wanted to be.

Of course, we don’t know yet if Mariaan died but the thought that Deidre Wolhuter would be leaving the role of Mariaan Welman is just too sad to even think about. Since day one I liked Mariaan. Just like our other female villains, Sandra Stutterheim and Gita McGreggor, she wasn’t all villain during her bad days. All three ladies always had a reason for going on the attack. All three had bad childhoods, with absent or violent fathers. While not condoning some of the murders, arson, kidnapping, assault, etc. many had sympathy with them because all three 7de Laan women gave their characters a fair does of vulnerability.

As for Mariaan, personally, I would be very surprised and upset if she really died. I’m probably just holding onto hope. But we’ll have to wait and see until tonight.

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