Should Esti Choose Marko or Rickus? That is the question.

So in last night’s 7De Laan, Esti gave the impression that she’s still into Rickus and she implied that she was disappointed that Rickus hadn’t fought hard for her. There were definite sparks between those two before Gabby interrupted them in the storeroom and again when Rickus passed Esti in the foyer of The Heights. But seeing Marko’s face when he overheard Gabby and Khethiwe talking about Esti and Rickus was sad. Although his own fault in a way, because Esti told him he was her choice.

Who do you think Esti should choose?

But seeing how indecisive Esti has been, maybe she could do with some help in making her choice (again). She’s already told us that Marko is the second love of her life after the deceased Tommy, Thomas’s dad. But we’ve also seen that in her fantasy, she and Marko had no other children besides Thomas and his wife and children. Whereas in her fantasy about Rickus, she and Rickus had more than one child besides Thomas. I’ve missed months and sometimes years of 7De Laan, so I’m not sure if Marko can have children after his treatment for his brain tumour. Esti will have to decide if she wants more children or not. Rickus can give her children and we don’t know if Marko can or wants any of his own.

A big negative of being with Rickus will undoubtedly be his mother! Mariaan is a handful and seemingly with a lot of time on her hands. Even though Rickus stands up to her a lot of the time, she still manages to involve herself in her children’s relationships. Marko’s family seems close-knit as well but at least they’re far away in Prieska and also doesn’t seem like the meddling kind. Rickus’s father is also a bit of a drama queen who doesn’t hesitate to meddle where he’s not wanted. At least Rickus has nice, caring sisters and a good brother-in-law to be. But Mariaan and Chris Welman are definitely problematic.

Esti seems to be more secure and mature with Marko and younger and more carefree with Rickus. I don’t know if she prefers the drama of family for her and Thomas versus the more peaceful existence of being with Marko and his restaurant and their group of friends. Personally, I would choose the family life even with the drama and meddling that is sometimes part of families.

Fortunately for Esti, I don’t think she can make a wrong choice if she again makes a decision. It’s more a matter of sticking to her decision and not allowing herself to pine for the one that got away, whichever one it is. Marko and Rickus are both decent people with nice personalities. They’re both dependable, Marko probably more so. And they both like helping other people.

Of course, for a soapie writer, Esti and Rickus work best because there’s much more potential for conflict and drama with the Welmans. Or Esti could choose neither and there’d still be plenty of drama and storylines for her.

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