Can Justin Really be De Wet’s biological Son? #7deLaan

So recently 7de Laan hit us and Justin with the bombshell that De Wet Basson aka Ben Cronje, Sandra Stutterheim’s former henchman, is his biological father. I seriously loved the reveal and laughed with delight. Not so much the fact that Justin is now all of a sudden De Wet’s biological son, but just the soapiness of it all. But then it hit me, how in the world is 7de Laan going to justify this new state of affairs, which was confirmed by an old video made by Justin’s mother, Shanice?

De Wet revealing he’s Justin’s biological father

Because when Justin arrived in Hillside with a laptop with photos of Vince, we were told that Justin and Vince are brothers. DNA tests confirmed this. But even before that, Vince found out that Neville Meintjies was not his biological father. Which was a nice little soapy twist right there. Vince was still the older brother to Xander, via their biological mother, Daleen. Vince and Justin’s dad was supposedly Arnold Langley. A DNA test apparently – and I only say apparently in hindsight and with these new events – proved this.

And it wasn’t the only DNA test that was done to prove paternity either. Because a few years later a rogue sister, Monique, pitched up in Hillside and proceeded to cause havoc. Which alone must prove some sort of familial relationship to Justin, Hillside’s own walking disaster magnet. That DNA again proved that Langley fathered Justin, Vince, and Monique. Now, Justin’s mother died when he was five years old, and he had a very traumatic childhood, so I guess anything is possible.

The three siblings – Monique, Vince and Justin

Age-wise Justin Booysens can be De Wet Basson’s son. The actor, Dirk Stoltz, who plays De Wet is 51 years’ old. And to be fair, De Wet could be anywhere between 51 and 56 years’ old. And Dann-Jacques Mouton is 34 years old and I think 7de Laan established that Justin was born in 1988, which makes him 32 years’ old. So this is no Ridge/Eric Forrester situation where there’s an 8-year age difference.

But how they’re going to disprove two DNA tests, only the soap gods know. I can’t see how Vince could also be De Wet’s son since Jacques Blignaut, Vince, is 41 years’ old. Of course, knowing De Wet’s links to the criminal world, he could’ve been manipulating things before he reappeared with his new identity in Hillside, and had the DNA tests faked. I’m guessing the 7de Laan writers only came up with this new twist recently, but it makes more sense that De Wet came back to Hillside because of Justin than for any other reason since Sandra Stutterheim is long gone and he had no other connections to Hillside.

While I don’t mind my soapies being extra soapy, even with a few ridiculous twists, I do mind that the explanations at least makes sense. So make it good, 7de Laan writers.

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