Shawn and Emile Kiss on #7deLaan and I couldn’t be happier!

We’ve been teased enough times with gay relationships on 7de Laan, but tonight they took it up a level when Shawn and Emile shared a sweet but passionate kiss. I really couldn’t be happier! Both Shawn and Emile had huge issues and prejudices to overcome. Both were rejected by family members because they’re gay. Although Shawn’s mom, Erica, and his sisters will be delighted that he’s come out of the closet. Well done to the 7de Laan writers for acknowledging that love and passion and respect exist in different kinds of adult relationships. People should love who they want as long as they’re consenting adults.
Shawn and Emile kissing

Both Shawn and Emile deserve to be happy after all the hurt and loss they’d endured. Both lost close friends, and in Shawn’s case, a repressed love affair with his best friend, to death. Let’s hope that South Africa has grown enough as a country to not kick up a fuss over a kiss between two very good-looking men on national TV while the children were watching. 😉 We all know the Facebook aunties are going to kick up a racket like they did with Nandi and Bernard and Fikani and Alexa.

Some of the reactions on Twitter have been very good though.

Looks like I’m not the only one who looked forward to Shawn and Emile kissing 😘

It’s actually heart-warming to see that 7de Laan viewers appreciate the representation of various relationships.

I will leave the negative reaction for another time and just enjoy the fact that 7de Laan has broken another barrier and it couldn’t have happened between nicer characters, Emile and Shawn. Well done to 7de Laan’s producers and writers for doing the right thing. And of course Deànré Reiners (Shawn) and Christopher van der Westhuizen (Emile) for portraying their characters longing and pain and eventually love and acceptance so beautifully. Emile deserved a beautiful story after that fiasco of dressing up as a woman to trap Willem, shame (in my Shady voice).

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