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7de Laan Spoilers – July 2011

With thanks to Monday, 4 July 2011 Episode 2516 Linda wants to know what hold Tim has over Gita. How will Sanjay react when he sees Felicity and Herman together? Bernard realises he comes second to Ava. Vince gets an envelope with money in with his name on it – without a note. Rick

7de Laan: Teasers November 2010

Monday, 1 November 2010 Episode 2341 Everyone is shocked and wonders what happened to Oubaas the previous night. Matrone refuses to share the spotlight during the cookbook banquet. Christelle is shocked when charmaine tells her what happened. Clara stares at Lukas during their Frojo’s rehearsal. Tuesday, 2 November 2010 Episode 2342 Christelle gets upset and

7de Laan: Yayyy for the Flooze!

San-Mari’s reign of terror against the Paula/Altus relationship came to a violent end Wednesday night. I haven’t enjoyed a klap as much as when Paula’s chomma aka Flooze, aka Hotlips knocked the jealous red-head out for the count. San-mari was still happily trying to ruin Paula’s relationship with Altus, even after seeing how heart broken

7de Laan: Paula is BACK!

Last night Paula van der Lecq returned to the Laan in the form of Miss Hugo. Unfortunately I fell asleep before 7de Laan even came on.  My intention was to just rest for a few minutes, but next thing I knew it was 7.00pm!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… However, Kelly from 7de Laan fansite came to the rescue

7de Laan: San-Mari and Altus?

Although spoilers prepaired us for Altus/San-Marie, I was still disappointed to see the pair flirting at the end of tonight’s episode of 7de Laan. Of course it’s unfair to expect an attractive, successful young man like Altus to remain single forever. Or until Paula eventually finds herself. I can see why the pretty red-head would

7de Laan’s Bertha Models her new Body

Bertha Wahl, Emma on 7de Laan, modelled her new leaner body for Bertha lost 18kg recently on the Dr Cohen’s 1st Diet. Her weightloss has even spilled over to her character Emma, who has become more confident and outgoing. Compare that to bookshop Emma who looked uncomfortable and shy in romantic relationship. Now Emma