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#7delaan Spoilers Chat for May 2015

I’ve got bad news for 7de laan viewers who are not fans of Dewald. He has a sister! A stepsister who we might not actually see in Hillside, but she causes him to look for lodging in Hillside! Heaven help us! More Dewald. Never mind, let’s chat spoilers for May 2015. Bernard and Petro Yep,

Eben Gets the #7delaan Gossip Treatment

Altus was having coffee in the reopened Oppiekoffie when he saw Marko talking to Dali and Eben. When he got Marko alone he wanted to know who he was. Marko told him the guy’s name is Eben and he does African tours. Altus told him Paula is seeing the guy. And when Marko said he