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Last week on Isidingo 17/07/2015

Last week on Isidingo Duma pursuaded Sechaba to allow him to take a nap in his house – against Sechaba’s better judgement.  By the time Sechaba returned home later that day, he found his microwave was gone.  Fortunately the tv was too big to carry or that would’ve disappeared instead! Duma then tried to sell

Bradley and Priya and Lerato and Skhumbuzo on #isidingo

From the looks of things there is something in the water Bradley and Priya and Skhumbuzo and Lerato are drinking in Horizon Deep! They should give Calvin and Charlie some of that water 😉 Priya has been separated from her husband Rajesh for months and once the divorce was settled last week, Priya seems to

Who is sending Bullets all over Horizon Deep? #isidingo

Instead of harassing a poor police officer trying to help out a friend, Benjamin le Roux should be putting his resources into finding out who is sending bullets with potential victims names to them! There are some intriguing prospects amongst the powerful people of Horizon Deep. We can instantly rule Georgie Zamdela out. There is

Bradley, Palesa and Nikiwe #isidingo

Palesa and Bradley have been getting closer recently and the day of the Valentines Kiss-a-thon showed the first signs that she felt a little bit threatened by Brad and Nikiwe’s friendship. I never really got the impression there was anything romantic between Nikiwe and Brad, but a woman knows when someone is a threat to