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Last week on Generations the Legacy 17/07/2015

Last week on Generations the Legacy Smanga thought he’d pursuaded Namhla to drop the sexual harrassment charges by threatening to expose her family’s criminal present and past and her relationship with Mr Sokhulu. However he got the shock of his life when Cosmo showed up and beat him up, breaking his collar bone. Smanga wasn’t

Tau and Gadaffi – Brothers at war on Generations the Legacy?

I don’t even know what Gadaffi (Vuyo Dabula) is going to do now that he found out that his brother in law, Tau (Rapulana Seiphemo), is responsible for him being in a wheelchair! I fear for poor Tau’s life! Gaddaffi isn’t known for taking things calmly – he acts first and then acts again –

Mr Sokhulu Proposes Marriage to Namhla in Generations Legacy

It looked like it was going to be a bad day for Namhla, but the day ended with Mr Sokhulu, her former teacher proposed marriage to her. And she said yes! Of course she would, because this immature, silly 17 year old matriculant relentlessly pursued her teacher. And this weak man gave into her. Which