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Danelle’s Memorial Service on #7delaan

Tonight was Danelle’s memorial service on 7de laan, three days after her death. Ryno and Linda offered to help Bernard get the house ready for the memorial. He just asked that they keep things simple for Danelle. He told his mom that he’s genuinely glad she is there. That’s one of the many things that’s

Danelle’s Death is Acknowledged on #7delaan

It started to look like Danelle’s friends were once again going to ignore her death in 7de laan – but then Charmaine acknowledged her. Mind you she also mentioned how the coffee shop smelt like blood still. Which makes Ntabi and Paula’s cheerful little meeting a meter or so from Oppiekoffie yesterday even worse. Charmaine

Danelle Dies and #7delaan Moves On

It’s the day after the hostage drama in 7de laan and the police forensics people were in Oppiekoffie taking evidence. Danelle’s body was removed from the scene with just a few people looking on. Only Maria cried. Felicity, Herman and Nadia looked sad. Kim is obviously not one to show her emotions publicly so that

Day 3 of the #7delaan Hostage Drama!

OMW! What a dramatic ending to the hostage drama. Just as a by the way…Ingrid Paulus (Vanessa) and Pierre van Pletzen (Oubaas) directed this episode. Okay…onto the drama… Dr Lynette put her and Herman’s plan into place to have the hostage takers  food spiked with the drugs. They gave Charmaine who was preparing the food

The 7de laan Hostage Drama – Day 1

It was almost a half hour of high all action in 7de laan with robbers holding the Oppie Koffie staff and customers hostage! They made everyone get down on the floor then took all their cellphones. Errol tried to be clever by withholding his cell phone but the robbers were not falling for his story.

7de laan Bernard Proposes Marriage to Danelle

Bernard had just a few hours to prepare an exceptional marriage proposal for Danelle. Since she resigned her job at Oppie Koffie and was on her way back to Wolmaranstad. News of the impending proposal spread like wildfire through 7de laan, with Pulane being gossiper in chief. And once they found out, everyone wanted to

Linda was so Nasty to Danelle on 7de laan

The fact that Danelle was able to listen to Linda insult her like she did on 7de laan tonight, speaks of her good upbringing. Because most other women would have at the very least walked out on her before she uttered one word. Some might even have thrown a pot of coffee in her general

Linda introduces Bernard to Lienkie #7delaan

How much more intrusive can Linda be in her only son’s life? A day after she heard of Bernard and Danelle’s breakup, she introduces Bernard to Lienkie. On an ambush blind date at the Deli no less. No one can accuse Linda of not being determined, hey. Linda lured Bernard to the deli on the

Danelle Stands up for herself on 7de laan

Since Linda’s arrival in Hillside, Danelle has been forced out of her shell. Who wouldn’t after  constantly being insulted by the man you love’s mother? Bernard hasn’t help matters by forcing Danelle’s company on Linda. He invited her to a mother/son catch up dinner at an expensive restaurant without warning either. And he knows Linda