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Bernard introduces Danelle to Linda on 7de laan

On Monday Linda arrived in 7de Laan, Hillside, with a sprained ankle and a brain transplant apparently. Instead of being happy to see her son and wanting to know everything about what’s going on in his life, she went on and on and on about nothing. Leaving Bernard no chance to introduce Danelle, who was

7de laan Spoilers Discussion for February 2015

Things look to be hotting up according to 7de laan spoilers for February 2015.  The Laan will be dripping with drama beyond the usual Paula and Altus marriage nonsense and Vince’s paternity mood swings. (By the way, I wonder if Vince ever thinks  of his own son who must be around 6 years old by

Danelle, Ryno and Lindile also leaving 7de laan

Read more here about the actors leaving 7de laan. According to TVPlus the actors who play Danelle (Andrea Streso), Ryno (Chris Vorster) and Lindile (Musa Ngema) are all leaving 7de laan. Lindile has probably been the most boring character in the history of boring characters on 7de Laan so I have very little doubt that

7de Laan: Bernard and Danelle and Kim and Henk

Not since Paula and Altus has a cuter more unlikely couple been paired on the Laan. It was obvious to all that Danelle had a crush on Bernard. But from out of the blue last week, Bernard surprised us when he kissed Danelle to smooth over her embarrassment after Pulane and Sifiso’s set up went