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Paula on 7de laan has lost her je ne sais quoi

I have no idea whose idea it was to change Paula’s hair colour,  but it’s one of the worst 7de laan decisions EVER! Here’s why: 1. Paula’s personality is blonde.  2. She’s wrapped men around her little finger because she was blonde. 3. She’s gotten away with all her shenanigans because she could toss those

7de Laan’s Paula Gives Birth!

Diaan Lawrenson (7de Laan’s Paula) and Jody Abrahams had their baby yesterday 8 June at 8.13 am.  They named her Olivia Rose. Here are some pictures making the email rounds. Congratulations to Diaan and Jody!

7de Laan: Diaan (Paula) is Pregnant!

7de Laan’s Diaan Lawrenson and fiance Jody Abrahams’ pregnancy is featured in next week’s You Magazine. Diaan is expecting their baby (a girl) in June this year. The same month as Bertha le Roux Wahl (Emma). What this will mean for Paula, the heavens alone knows! Was that witch (witi a capital B), San-Mari, foreshadowing