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Diederik catches Kim and Willem on 7de laan

Kim and Willem’s sneaking around at work finally caught up to them when Diederik walked in on the two colleagues kissing in T&T.     The previous evening at the Bruynwaves relaunch Kim had disappeared and Diederik did not notice.  Which should tell us something about those two.  Vanessa and Sifiso noticed though. Diederik also

Danelle’s Death is Acknowledged on #7delaan

It started to look like Danelle’s friends were once again going to ignore her death in 7de laan – but then Charmaine acknowledged her. Mind you she also mentioned how the coffee shop smelt like blood still. Which makes Ntabi and Paula’s cheerful little meeting a meter or so from Oppiekoffie yesterday even worse. Charmaine

Kim and Diederik, at freaking last! 7de laan

Who would have thought Kim and Diederik would be so perfect for each other??? Although now, in hindsight,  it makes perfect sense. Both are quirky and both have had it tough in the love department lately.  I wouldn’t describe either Diederik or Kim as sweet, but together they surprisigly are. Of course in the soapies