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Emma Goes to Prison 7de laan #EmmaTrial

Without much notice to viewers, Emma le Roux’s trial for the murder of ex-husband, arsonist, stalker and would-be-kidnapper Rick Daley came to an abrupt ending. The Hillsiders were all in an excited mood for Emma’s verdict. Kim didn’t want to be outdone by Paula and marched into Eclectic-E looking for a new Top. The others

Emma on the Stand #EmmaTrial 7de laan

Today was Emma’s turn to tell her story to the court.  Before proceedings started Xander once again reminded Emma how to answer questions in court. If only defendants actually did that! Right? Xander had Emma testify about how she bought the gun 2 years ago and kept it in a safe.  She bought it because

Oom Oubaas Testifies at the #EmmaTrial 7de laan

Gita paid Emma a visit to wish her well in court today. Before court, Xander warned Oom Oubaas to stick to answering the questions and not to make speeches on the witness stand. And for the most part Septimus van Zyl turned out to be a decent witness. He testified that he saw Rick threatening

Tuesday: #EmmaTrial on 7de Laan

Tuesday started with Pulane and Kim gossiping about Emma’s motives for killing Rick.  Danelle was not happy with them! In court a forensic and a ballistic expert (I assume that is what they are) came to to testify about the shot fired. The first one spoke about the angle of the shot and we even

Day 1 of the 12 Days Countdown to #EmmaTrial Verdict 7de laan

Last Thursday Emma had her first day in court and pleaded not guilty to the premeditated murder of Rick. Three quarters of all Hillside residents pitched up in court to support their friend and neighbour. Hilda even pitched with a picnic basket with Dadel Fingers.   Everyone was a bit surprised that Emma plead not