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Errol saves Mariaan’s life on 7de Laan

I watched Errol’s return episode on Viu a day after the episode aired so knew Errol was the one to save Mariaan’s life by the time I turned my computer on. But it was still so nice to see Errol Pieterse again, back home from visiting Johannesburg after moving away. I wonder if Errol had

Charmaine on 7de laan

Charmaine is losing it big time on 7de laan. Charmaine was strutting around Hillside, all Dr Phil – telling it like it is  -to almost everyone who crossed her path. The week started with Charmaine insulting Hilda’s food. Even Matrone was shocked. Matrone went to Xander to let him know that something is wrong with

7de Laan: Janine’s Drug Addiction

In Friday night’s episode of 7de Laan, I actually felt very sorry for Janine, played by Crystal-Donna Roberts (who will be 25 years old tomorrow 13 October!) That says a lot, because that Janine has been getting on my last nerve ever since she’s gotten involved with Errol. I think it’s mainly because she’s treated Errol