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Simphiwe Commits Suicide on Generations the Legacy

Even though many of us knew for a while that Simphiwe (Asanda Foji ) would be leaving Generations the Legacy, I was still holding out hope that she would run away and leave both Mawzi and Smanga. But it was not to be. The poor woman had a tough choice between two  emotionally abusive men! Simphiwe

Last week on Generations the Legacy 06/11/2015

Gaddafi was on his worst behaviour again last week. Generations the Legacy ended the week with a dead Karishma. And we barely had her back on screen. It’s all Cosmo’s fault! He saw Karishma talking to a cop and put two and two together. But what if the cop was Karishma’s client or working on

Last week on Generations the legacy – 30/10/2015

Thank the soapie gods! It seems like Zola is being pushed aside not only by Ezweni, but also by his ‘first love’.  Karabo and Tau seems to have their marriage back on track.  And they’ve found a joint project to keep them occupied.  Poor Zola and his horrible accent still tried his luck, but to

Last week on Generations the Legacy 16/10/2015

Last week the fallout from Karabo and Zola’s affair was almost immediate on Generations the Legacy.  After Tau left his wife and her lover, Karabo told Zola she had to go after her husband.  Zola incessantly called Karabo even though she told him to stop. She warned him that Tau is dangerous. If Zola was

Last week on Generations the Legacy 09/10/2015

Last week on Generations the Legacy Karabo asked Tau for a divorce! And like many people who want to get out of their marriage, Karabo blamed her husband.  She said she felt like she was mothering him – even though his mother lives right there, in the same house. I’m not sure Karabo even knows

Last week on Generations the Legacy 02/10/2015

Last week on Generations the Legacy Karabo slept with her “first love”, Zola.  At first he gave her the cold shoulder, then they bickered unprofessionally in front of a client and then they got into a lift at Ezweni and next thing we saw was the two of them in bed. Afterwards Karabo went home. 

Last on Generations the Legacy 25/09/2015

Last week Mawzi spent less time chasing Nolwazi around the office and bedroom and more time trying to get his brother out of Ezweni with Tau’s help.  And another article about Smanga’s sexual harrassment charges made it into the public space to make matters worse. Smanga was unaware of the ‘siege from all sides’ that

Last week on Generations the Legacy 11/09/2015

Last week was a hectic week for poor Cosmo on Generations the Legacy.  He was minding his own (criminal) business when Esther, the drug mule turned baby nanny called him to come fetch baby Mogale.  She had to go to her grandmother’s funeral and didn’t want to take the baby along.  Not only that, she

Last week on Generations the Legacy 04/09/2015

Last week on Generations the Legacy Gadaffi went for counselling! Telling the psychologist all his dirty deeds.  He even reluctantly admitted to beating his wife.  However, his only motivation was to try and get Tshidi to reconcile with him. So far, with encouragement from Angela, Tshidi is still standing strong. Barely, but still strong. Even

Last week on Generations the Legacy 28/08/2015

Last week I unfortunately wasn’t able to see every episode of Generations the Legacy, but what I did see was… Gadaffi admitted that his addiction to the painkillers caused him to act even more irrationally than usual.  He decided to go cold turkey, stopped taking the pills and rinsed them down the drain. The next