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Spoilers and Speculation for Generations the Legacy October 2015

Looks like Karabo is going to cross the marriage line in October 2015! I guess that should get her off her judgemental high horse for awhile 😉 Here’s spoilers for Generations the Legacy for October 2015. Siya is suspicious about his father’s good mood Karabo receives a gift from her lover Tau nearly catches his

Generations the Legacy Soapie Spoiler Chat for July 2015

On July Gadaffi is going to start putting his revenge plot against Tau into action (TV Plus 22 July 2015).  He starts off by kidnapping Karabo – the love of Tau’s life – and putting her in a dungeon.  Sounds familiar? Didn’t something very, very similar happen to Dineo in the old Generations. Yes, of course it