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Spoilers and Speculation for Generations the Legacy October 2015

Looks like Karabo is going to cross the marriage line in October 2015! I guess that should get her off her judgemental high horse for awhile ūüėČ Here’s spoilers for Generations the Legacy for October 2015. Siya is suspicious about his father’s good mood Karabo receives a gift from her lover Tau nearly catches his

Last week on Generations the Legacy 11/09/2015

Last week was a hectic week for poor Cosmo on Generations the Legacy. ¬†He was minding his own (criminal) business when Esther, the drug mule turned baby nanny called him to come fetch baby Mogale. ¬†She had to go to her grandmother’s funeral and didn’t want to take the baby along. ¬†Not only that, she

Last week on Generations the Legacy 04/09/2015

Last week on Generations the Legacy Gadaffi went for counselling! Telling the psychologist all his dirty deeds.  He even reluctantly admitted to beating his wife.  However, his only motivation was to try and get Tshidi to reconcile with him. So far, with encouragement from Angela, Tshidi is still standing strong. Barely, but still strong. Even

Last week on Generations the Legacy 28/08/2015

Last week I unfortunately wasn’t able to see every episode of Generations the Legacy, but what I did see was… Gadaffi admitted that his addiction to the painkillers caused him to act even more irrationally than usual. ¬†He decided to go cold turkey, stopped taking the pills and rinsed them down the drain. The next

Spoilers and Speculation for Generations the Legacy – September 2015

These are early spoilers/teasers for Generations the Legacy for September 2015. ¬†These are updated as more become available throughout the month. Karabo tries to bond with Tau, but her mind is on her old flame, Zola She gets jealous when Zola considers making a life with Scarlet Scarlet isn’t playing Karabo’s game. ¬†Zola is her

Last week on Generations the Legacy 24/07/2015

Last week Gadaffi held a comatose Tau hostage with the intention of maiming him. ¬†He even had a doctor there to sever Tau’s spine so he could be paralysed too. But then he had a change of heart. ¬†He decided it would be better let Tau suffer through seeing his family hurt. So he released

Generations the Legacy Soapie Spoiler Chat for July 2015

On¬†July¬†Gadaffi is going to start putting his revenge plot against Tau into action (TV Plus 22 July 2015). ¬†He starts off by kidnapping Karabo – the love of Tau’s life – and putting her in a dungeon. ¬†Sounds familiar? Didn’t something very, very similar happen to Dineo in the old Generations. Yes, of course it

Last week on Generations the Legacy 10/07/2015

Last week Angela got a new hairstyle on Generations the Legacy. And so did Mary. ¬†They must’ve used quite a bit of their hair budget on Mary’s new blonde hair ūüėČ Mary had a whole new makeover with some (reluctant) help from Jonathan. ¬†She bought owhat she thought was a genuine fur coat, but Nolwazi

Tau and Gadaffi – Brothers at war on Generations the Legacy?

I don’t even know what Gadaffi (Vuyo Dabula) is going to do now that he found out that his brother in law, Tau (Rapulana Seiphemo), is responsible for him being in a wheelchair! I fear for poor Tau’s life! Gaddaffi isn’t known for taking things calmly – he acts first and then acts again –

Last week on Generations the Legacy 26/06/2015

Smanga started the week as arrogant as can be, telling Mazwi that the new campaign was in the bag seeing they are going up against Angela. Then he tried to get Thabi off the Scarlet lingerie campaign again. That guy has control issues! And Karabo took notice. He tried to convince Thabi that he was