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Last week on Isidingo 26/06/2015

Last week on the real life news we saw the father of a South African man held hostage.  The man tried to look calm and coherent on tv when he was interviewed about his son, and yet you could see the desperation and sadness beneath it all. Most of the time that’s how we see

Last week on Isidingo 12/06/2015

The best thing that happened on Isidingo last week was seeing Bra Georgie Zamdela again. With Cherel he is my all time favourite Isidingo character. And his daughter looks like the apple didn’t feel too far from the tree. She was at first annoyed with Sechaba’s silliness, but then she found out that he did

Last week on Isidingo 05/06/2015

I’m sorry to say this but Isidingo is going back to the boring days of ON TV when hardly anyone watched the soapie.  It didn’t work then and it sure ain’t working now. Maybe Zakeeyah Patel will breathe some new life into Isidingo. I’m not holding my breath though.  Soapies are about relationships and escapism,

Last week on Isidingo 29/05/2015

Priya decided to move back to Durban with Hiranya to live with her parents for a while. The last straw was another of Rajesh’s girlfriends confronting her. Followed by Rajesh declaring his undying love. To avoid the mess Rajesh created, she decided to take herself out of the equation. We even had one single scene