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Last week on Isidingo 31/07/2015

Last week was an emotional week for a few of the characters on Isidingo when Dr Beth told Calvin that the ICU needed Frank’s bed in the hospital.  He either had to switch off the ventilating machine or move him upstairs to a care facility – as Frank was brain dead. Calvin was at first

Last week on Isidingo 24/07/2015

Last week on Isidingo Pastor Gabriel told Sizwe he would get Zukiswa’s expensive necklace back from Mme Zamdela. Sizwe had unsuccessfully tried to get the necklace back himself. Pastor Gabriel promised Sizwe that he would get the necklace back. So he tried persuasion and some charm, but the lady wasn’t about to budge so easily.

The Good, the so- so, and the Not so Good on Isidingo

In the last few months there have been single days when Isidingo has been so good that I could hardly tear my eyes away from the screen.  Like Priya and Brad’s budding relationship, Lerato and Skhumbuzo’s little flirtation, Frank’s shooting, the church service for the Xaviers, etc. In between there were days when I missed

Last week on Isidingo 17/07/2015

Last week on Isidingo Duma pursuaded Sechaba to allow him to take a nap in his house – against Sechaba’s better judgement.  By the time Sechaba returned home later that day, he found his microwave was gone.  Fortunately the tv was too big to carry or that would’ve disappeared instead! Duma then tried to sell

Isidingo Soapie Spoilers and Speculation – August 2015

Calvin is about to take Frank’s ashes to Cape Town when he is asked to do a Hardline episode. Oh no! More Hardline! Pastor Gabriel – my reason for watching Isidingo these days – is on the loose amongst the women in Horizon Deep. Now that he has conquered Nina Zamdela (on 23 and 24

Last Week on Isidingo 10/07/2015

Last week the nyaope drug arrived full force in Isidingo in the form of poor Duma. That poor man, every time we see him he is suffering some sort of sorry affliction.  The Deep’s resident PSA – someone for the Zondiles to rescue. Anyhow, Duma rushed into his friends’, the Zondiles, house one night in

Last Week on Isidingo 3/07/2015

Last week Frank got shot and the new pastor arrived in Horizon Deep. The episode where Frank got shot felt like a full movie – very suspenseful – even when I knew what was going to happen.  It started when Frank played Lincoln Sibeko’s deposition on the air at the demand of the rebels who

Last week on Isidingo 26/06/2015

Last week on the real life news we saw the father of a South African man held hostage.  The man tried to look calm and coherent on tv when he was interviewed about his son, and yet you could see the desperation and sadness beneath it all. Most of the time that’s how we see

Isidingo Spoiler Chat for July 2015 (updated)

**Please note: most of these spoilers are confirmed, but sometimes I add speculation or interpret the spoilers.  The sources are mentioned at the bottom of the post..** Isidingo is having it’s 17th birthday during July 2015 and there’s some hectic drama going down in the Deep and a new Pastor making his presence known. Pastor

Last week on Isidingo 12/06/2015

The best thing that happened on Isidingo last week was seeing Bra Georgie Zamdela again. With Cherel he is my all time favourite Isidingo character. And his daughter looks like the apple didn’t feel too far from the tree. She was at first annoyed with Sechaba’s silliness, but then she found out that he did