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Does Emile look like Kristin or what? #7delaan? 😉

So I was wondering who Emile looked like on 7De Laan the other day after Connie dressed him in drag. (Please don’t get me started on Connie who just needs to receive treatment – off-screen – in a clinic for a month or six!) He reminded me of Kristin!. Remember her? Part of the reason

Altus says goodbye to Paula and to 7de laan

It’s been building up ever since Kristin pitched up in Hillside with Altus’ son just after Paula found out that Altus had a secret vasectomy after their first divorce. So it was almost a relief when Altus decided to take a break from the consequences of his decisions. A coward to the bitter end. Paula

The end of the Affair Between Kristin and Altus on 7de laan

At the end of Monday’s show, Paula caught her husband Altus and Kristin in and embrace at the office. As expected Paula did not take it very well.  She was upset and angry and took immediate steps. Throwing Altus clothing out the door and telling him to leave. The next day at work she pretended everything

Uitgevang! Paula Catches Altus and Kristin on 7de laan

This evening started with Paula and Altus  talking in the Boekwinkel.  Paula was being all understanding and nice to Altus so you had to know this wouldn’t last. This being 7de laan and all.   She took the blame for getting upset over Kristin and for pitching up at the photoshoot uninvited and suggested Altus

7de laan – Altus Sleeps with Kristin

This past week on 7de Laan started with more of the Kristin/Altus nonsense.  They were openly flirting with each other at the Cosmetique Chantal shoot when Errol catches them.  When he gets Altus alone in arcade,  Errol berates him and tells him a man who would cheat on someone like Paula with someone like Kristin

Vince and Neville and Paula, Altus and Kristin 7de laan Recap

This past week on 7de laan was hectic what with Kristin and Altus kissing and Vince finding out about his paternity. And here I thought it was going to be a quiet month. Nothing of the sort. Altus, Kristin and Paula After the shock of Altus kissing Kristin in a fit of jealousy on Wednesday,

Altus and Kristin Kiss! Arggghhhh 7de laan

So it happened. Tonight! Arghhh Altus walked into the office where Kristin was sitting and flirting with someone’s voice mail. He got jealous of the voice mail and when the person called back walked up to Kristin, put down the phone and told her to stop playing games and then kissed her. I had to

Kristin and Altus WTF! 7de laan

What the heck is going on with Altus??? He can’t already be going through a mid-life crisis can he? The 7 de Laan writers are not making it clear to viewers why he is willing to put his relationship with Paula on the line for Kristin. Paula would dump his arse just based on what