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7de laan Casting News

06/11/2020 7de laan announced two new characters on their Instagram page, “Beàta Bena Green,” Kim of Arendsvlei, “will portray Shady, Bonita’s vivacious niece and Rubin Wissing will play Ludo- the charming ladies’ man.” They’re due on our screens from 9 November. It’s going to be interesting to see Bonita’s family in the Laan. Welcome to

Last week on 7de laan 07/08/2015

Last week we saw Vivian’s reign of terror cut short on 7de laan when Charmaine escaped from her crazy twin sister’s clutches. Vivian looked like she was unravelling fast, however Neville followed her and found her holding Charmaine captive.   All good things must come to an end though. Charmaine was rescued and reunited with her family

My 7 Wishes for 7de Laan for 2015

For my final 7de laan post for 2014 I thought it was time for my 7 wishes for 7 de laan for 2015 blog post. If you want to see if my wishes for last year came true, look here . Thank you to everyone who read and those who commented and tweeted during this year. Have a  safe

Vince and Neville and Paula, Altus and Kristin 7de laan Recap

This past week on 7de laan was hectic what with Kristin and Altus kissing and Vince finding out about his paternity. And here I thought it was going to be a quiet month. Nothing of the sort. Altus, Kristin and Paula After the shock of Altus kissing Kristin in a fit of jealousy on Wednesday,

7de Laan: Charmaine, Neville and Felicity

Can that so-called love triangle between Charmaine, Neville and Felicity be any worse than it already is? I doubt it! Firstly, Felicity and Neville do not have chemistry, have nothing in common, never spent time together nor do they have a friendship or proper love relationship. They are awkward together. So why is Felicity all