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My 7 favourite things about 7De Laan in 2020

A few years ago, I used to write articles called my 7 Wishes for 7De Laan. I used to have quite a few frustrations back in the day. Now, though I don’t have many, and certainly not 7 things I would change. Maybe because of YouTube and VIU, it feels more like a choice than

Altus says goodbye to Paula and to 7de laan

It’s been building up ever since Kristin pitched up in Hillside with Altus’ son just after Paula found out that Altus had a secret vasectomy after their first divorce. So it was almost a relief when Altus decided to take a break from the consequences of his decisions. A coward to the bitter end. Paula

Last Week on 7de laan 12/06/2015

Last week on 7de laan Kim saw two opportunities to take a bit of revenge on Willem. Read how she went about it here. I haven’t enjoyed watching Kim as much since her first few months in Hillside. Corne Crous  (Kim) was good compared to the last few years when all she had to do was

Guess Who is Paula’s Newest Boyfriend on #7delaan

So… May 2015 spoilers says Paula will be stumbling over someone new in 7de laan towards the end of May 2015. And we already know the actor from other SABC soapies Isidingo and  Erfsondes amongst a whole lot of other things. According to TVPlus Emmanuel Castis is the actor who will play Yannis, a photographer

Paula and Altus Divorce to be Finalised #7delaan

According to Tvplus Paula and Altus’ divorce will be finalised on 7de laan later this month! I’m surprised that 7de laan went that route. The idea of Paula and Altus worked up until after their baby died though. To be honest, we hardly saw Paula and Altus together as a married couple after Paula pitched

What Paula on #7delaan can learn from Priya on #Isidingo

Paula has been handling her cheating husband Altus in a totally different way to how Priya is dealing with the breakdown of her marriage to Rajesh. Paula and Priya look to be around the same age. About 36 years old. They are both attractive, know how to get themselves heard, and both had their husbands

Paula and Altus fight it out at last #7delaan

Last night was the first time since Paula caught Altus cheating,  these two directly confronted each other with a few truths. For too long they’ve spoken of their hurt and anger to other people and mostly made snide remarks to each other or totally avoided being in the same room. Their friends (if you can

Paula Wants to Reconcile while Altus wants a divorce #7delaan

Paula was still upset about Altus not wanting to get back together. She was sitting in the couch eating chocolate pudding when Maria came to clean the flat. Maria wanted to know why she was eating chocolate instead of being on safari. Paula said Eben was a vague memory and Altus doesn’t want her anymore.

Paula Dumps Eben and Wants Altus Back #7delaan

When we last saw Paula on 7de laan, she was all packed and ready to go on an African safari with Eben to the Victoria Falls with tons of new clothes and matching jewellery in loads of suitcases. Altus saw the same thing. When we tuned into the soapie tonight we found out that Paula

Eben Gets the #7delaan Gossip Treatment

Altus was having coffee in the reopened Oppiekoffie when he saw Marko talking to Dali and Eben. When he got Marko alone he wanted to know who he was. Marko told him the guy’s name is Eben and he does African tours. Altus told him Paula is seeing the guy. And when Marko said he