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Altus sees Paula and Eben Together #7delaan

Paula and Eben met in the Deli and discussed what to do about the review of the play Paula didn’t go see the night before because of an extended dinner date with Eben. Eben’s solution was to get an overseas review online and translate it into Afrikaans. Paula was at first reluctant… But with a

Danelle Dies and #7delaan Moves On

It’s the day after the hostage drama in 7de laan and the police forensics people were in Oppiekoffie taking evidence. Danelle’s body was removed from the scene with just a few people looking on. Only Maria cried. Felicity, Herman and Nadia looked sad. Kim is obviously not one to show her emotions publicly so that

Altus and Eben come face to face on #7delaan

Eben walked into the Hillside Times looking to check in on Paula and take her for lunch. She was busy taking phone calls from readers inquiring about the hostage situation. While Eben was waiting in the office, talking to Ntabi, in walked Altus. Paula finished her phone call and Altus asked her if she’s okay

Paula and Eben Meet -First Impressions #7delaan

The very minute Paula noticed Eben taking an interest in her in Oppie Koffie, she was back to her old ways. Tossing her now much shorter and less blonder hair all over the place, touching her hair and face and smiling. Paula was back in the game! Getting her flirt on. Eben (read more about

Paula’s New Boyfriend Eben 7de laan

So Paula recently decided that she would never be able to trust Altus again after (conveniently) catching him talking to Kristin. She said she would never be able to trust if he called to say he was working late again and thought divorce was her only option. On 11 February (according to the 4 February

Paula and Altus to Divorce? 7de laan

On Tuesday night’s episode of 7de laan Felicity suggested to Paula that she had two choices.  To either take him back and forgive him or for Paula and Altus to divorce.  And that really has become the crux of the matter. Paula had been showing more spite than hurt since the day after she found out about the devastation that

7de laan Spoilers Discussion for February 2015

Things look to be hotting up according to 7de laan spoilers for February 2015.  The Laan will be dripping with drama beyond the usual Paula and Altus marriage nonsense and Vince’s paternity mood swings. (By the way, I wonder if Vince ever thinks  of his own son who must be around 6 years old by

Paula Goes on a Date With Richard #7delaan

So Paula has taken to Internet dating to try and get over Altus’ cheating. And probably as part of her revenge plot. (I wonder if she put her relationship status as separated 😉 ) There were some slim pickings on the dating site, however someone named Richard caught Paula’s eye and before you knew it

My 7 Wishes for 7de Laan for 2015

For my final 7de laan post for 2014 I thought it was time for my 7 wishes for 7 de laan for 2015 blog post. If you want to see if my wishes for last year came true, look here . Thank you to everyone who read and those who commented and tweeted during this year. Have a  safe

Paula and Priya and their Cheating Husbands isidingo 7de laan

Paula and Priya have been dealing with the aftermath of their husbands cheating on them for the last two or so weeks.  They are handling their situations very differently! Both were devastated and heartbroken when they found out their husbands cheated on them.  Paula caught husband Altus with her arch-enemy, Kristin, in his arms in his office.