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Frank Xaviers Women Through the Years on Isidingo

When Frank Xavier (Kevin Smith) was shot a while ago, he had three of the women who were in his life right there, outside the hospital room.  Dr Beth McNamara, Nikiwe Sibeko and newest woman Angelique Scott. Before them there were Priya and Lolly and Natasha… Frank Xavier arrived in Horizon Deep in 2005 when

Priya and Brad Get It On on #isidingo

Last night Priya and Brad turned up the heat a few hundred notches on Isidingo. The two felt a sense of urgency because hovering ex-husband Rajesh would be returning from Durban with their daughter the next day. Plus Brad himself put it out there in no uncertain terms that he wanted Priya…in his bed! And

Priya is Leaving Isidingo, oh no!

There were some rumours doing the rounds that an Isidingo long time actor was leaving their show. I had my own wishes who I would like it to be, but never in my wildest thoughts did Leeanda Reddy, Priya, cross my mind! Especially since after 7 years on Isidingo she is suddenly been elevated to

Priya and Brad Kiss on #isidingo

It was a long time coming – the Priya and Brad kiss on Isidingo. The two have been running together and flirting heavily for a few weeks now. Priya was at first reluctant to date Brad especially with Rajesh suddenly concerned for Hiranya’s welfare. Not that he gave her a thought when he was chasing

Bradley and Priya and Lerato and Skhumbuzo on #isidingo

From the looks of things there is something in the water Bradley and Priya and Skhumbuzo and Lerato are drinking in Horizon Deep! They should give Calvin and Charlie some of that water 😉 Priya has been separated from her husband Rajesh for months and once the divorce was settled last week, Priya seems to

What Paula on #7delaan can learn from Priya on #Isidingo

Paula has been handling her cheating husband Altus in a totally different way to how Priya is dealing with the breakdown of her marriage to Rajesh. Paula and Priya look to be around the same age. About 36 years old. They are both attractive, know how to get themselves heard, and both had their husbands

Ben sets his sights on Priya Isidingo (updated)

Priya’s faith in men must be at an all time low. First Rajesh cheats on her, then Eddie uses her to do his job looking after his daughter Charlie and now Ben is on her case. Priya thought she was helping when she threatened Benjamin Le Roux to get him to stop harassing Charlie. But

Could Frank Really Get Custody of Hiranya on Isidingo ?

The custody battle for Hiranya has taken a bad turn with neither of her legal parents Priya and Rajesh willing to share custody with each other. Priya is still hurt that Rajesh cheated on her and broke the trust she had in him and is lashing out anytime she has anything to do with him.

Isidingo: Rajesh and Zak – Is it love or is it over?

On Isidingo, Rajesh and Zak started off so well – as well as any soapie affair can start off, I guess.  Rajesh’s reasoning for wanting to be with Zak seemed so rational.  He wanted a large family and Priya didn’t want anymore children.  However Zak did. Rajesh was always the one getting the short end