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7de Laan: Argh No Emma. Not Dawid Greeff!

Looks like Emma has made her choice and opted for that sleazeball Dawid Greeff! To make matters worse she treated Herman like crap. Ignoring his calls, refusing to be upfront with him and then lying about having feelings for Dawid. She didn’t even have the guts to tell Herman that Dawid Greef was who she

7de Laan Teasers for September 2009 – A pregnancy?

September in the Laan continues with Errol and Janine’s up and down relationship. At least Errol isn’t going off the deep end with his girlfriend. She and her BFF Yvonne seem to be partying up a storm. Drugs even? Neville will spend the month trying to propose to Charmaine. They decide to get married at

7de Laan: Neville and Charmaine

So last night the long awaited reunion between Charmaine and Neville took place on the laan. When Charmaine heard that Felicity had found out about that Charmaine and Neville had rekindled their romance, Charmaine in her usual martyr fashion decided to leave the laan and move to Cape Town. Of course someone – Diederick –

7de Laan Couples

One of my most favourite current 7de Laan couples is Emma and Herman. For the first time Emma has an adult relationship that looks normal. She and Ryno looked uncomfortable together, Tonie acted like a stalker and Jan Hendrik didn’t love her in a romantic way. Other 7de laan couples I like is: Paula and

7de Laan: Tim dumps Gita!

How sweet was that moment when Tim dumped Gita Monday night. And it couldnt have happened to a meaner witch! There she was all smug, telling her henchman that she had everything under control then not a few minutes later Tim tells her the relationship is over. Not that it came out of the blue

Last week’s 7de Laan

The Laan’s residents have been quietly going about their dramas. Neville and Charmaine are behaving almost exactly like Errol and Janine. Two love sick teenaged couples. I cannot wait for that stupid story of Felicity, Neville and Charmaine to be over. Anyway, as soon as Neville is back with Charmaine, he will almost certainly put

7de Laan Teasers August 2009

Looks like August is going to be the month Gita gets some of what she deserves – could Tim be seeing that snake of a woman for what she is? Either way, Tim doubts his decision to leave Linda and their children and starts avoiding Gita. Oh my! Couldn’t be happier what that state of

7de Laan – Emma and Herman

7de Laan has been pretty nasty recently – especially with Gita and Tim bringing the mood down severely with their torrid affair. Seeing Linda so distraught has not been fun. Add to that Felicity’s mugging and shooting and Neville and Charmaine playing the victim. It’s bad enough having to endure Felicity’s frustration of not being

7de Laan: Linda Deserves MUCH Better

Linda is such a genuine, trusting person. She also comes across as very lonely, which is probably how she befriended that evil woman, Gita. Her husband Tim is even worse than Gita. He treats Linda as if she’s his doormat. As if he thinks she has no intellect, no life outside of being wife and

7de Laan Teasers for July 2009

So July brings a ghost to the Heights. The less said the better. And Im not even talking about that slimy man, Dawid Greef, who is also returning. This time to charm Gita – two soapie snakes, for sure. Gita meanwhile gets what she wants. Tim. Linda is heartbroken, but Gita the witch advises her