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Isidingo is Improving

Isidingo has been in the storyline wilderness ever since Cherel de Villiers Haynes disappeared from Horizon Deep. Actually it was pretty bad even before then. Now though it seems they are getting their groove back. They even have a typically detestable soapie bitch in the form of a recast, Kimberley. She makes Barker Haynes look

7de Laan Mid-Week Chat

Time flies by when you’re having fun.  The week is nearly over and still Neville and Charmaine have not told Felicity about their situation.  The poor girl (who has more chemistry with a door knob than with Neville) still thinks she has a boyfriend. Shame it’s been a while since poor Felicity was happy in

7de Laan Chat: Last week’s shows

Why oh why did Neville Meintjies not first break up with Felicity before declaring his love to Charmaine? Typical male! Anyway, even as a non Charmaine/Neville fan I was quite touched by their reunion.  They do seem to belong together – until Neville has to jet off to somewhere (to do a play in Cape

Mid Week 7de Laan Chat

Things are a bit dreary on the Laan with Neville walking around like a bear with a sore head and Gita moping around for a married man. It would really be merciful to us viewers if the 7de Laan writers would just end the Felicity/Neville/Charmaine/Clive quadrangle. It’s boring! Why one earth would they bring on

7de Laan: Emma’s Weight Loss

Gorgeous Emma, played by Bertha Wahl (Le Roux) on 7de Laan carried a bit of weight when we first met her.  She returned from maternity to the 7de Laan set  a bit heavier but subsequently lost 10kg through Weigh-less. According to Sarie, Bertha reached a peak and then…nothing. She then went on another diet called Dr

7de Laan’s Fashion Show

What on earth was that??? Okay, so I’m used to 7de Laan’s over the top fashion shows by now – with dance numbers and all. As much as I like Felicity…But sjoe, those clothes for the most part were ugly! Some of the evening wear was fine, but for the rest I wouldn’t be seen

7de Laan Teasers June 2009

Spoilers for the month of June is up on tvsa.co.za. Looks like 7de Laan is sommer going all the way with the whole racial issue in June. Ciska and Vince will start dating -but  is that still an issue in this day and age?  Maybe I’m just used to seeing interacial couples in my neck

7de Laan Goes BEE

On last week’s 7de Laan race raised it’s head for the first time on the Laan. Since the start of the soapie, characters of the various races lived, played and worked side by side, without showing any romantic interest across the colour line. Things changed in the last two weeks with the introduction of the

Recap 7de Laan Week ending 14 May

At least we were not subjected to Vanessa’s tantrums this week, although her silences were as loaded as can be. Always playing the victim, the newest Mrs Meintjes spent the week giving her husband Xander and his business partner Helena mournful looks while they were busy planning the gallery’s opening. Why Xander chose that miserable,

Ilse Klink on 7de Laan

So last night the ‘famous’ singer Natasha made her appearance in 7de Laan in the form of actress and singer Ilse Klink. Supposedly reclusive singer Natasha was nothing like I’ve ever seen famous South African singers behave – very full of herself. She looks like she’s going to be nothing but trouble for Felicity and