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Last week on 7de laan 07/08/2015

Last week we saw Vivian’s reign of terror cut short on 7de laan when Charmaine escaped from her crazy twin sister’s clutches. Vivian looked like she was unravelling fast, however Neville followed her and found her holding Charmaine captive.   All good things must come to an end though. Charmaine was rescued and reunited with her family

Last Week on 7de laan 12/06/2015

Last week on 7de laan Kim saw two opportunities to take a bit of revenge on Willem. Read how she went about it here. I haven’t enjoyed watching Kim as much since her first few months in Hillside. Corne Crous  (Kim) was good compared to the last few years when all she had to do was

Kim takes Revenge on Willem on 7de laan

After Willem dumped Kim, she told Pulane she would get back at him. And did she ever! She walked into Oppiekoffie and saw Willem flirting in with another girl. As luck would have it, Sonja was sitting outside with baby Wian. So Kim asked to borrow the baby. She pretended the baby was hers and

The 7de laan Hostage Drama – Day 1

It was almost a half hour of high all action in 7de laan with robbers holding the Oppie Koffie staff and customers hostage! They made everyone get down on the floor then took all their cellphones. Errol tried to be clever by withholding his cell phone but the robbers were not falling for his story.

Sonja and Bertus’ Baby is Born! on 7de laan

Sonja thought Bertus had accepted responsibility for their baby and was more than just getting along with each other.   And not without good reason.  He took her for milk shakes in the afternoon and on what she thought was dates in the evening. However, without Sonja’s knowledge, Bertus was in fact seeing other girls.