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7de laan Spoilers for March 2015

Looks like some chickens are coming home to roost for some of the residents of 7de laan, Hillside during March 2015! Altus, Paula and Eben Eben asks Paula to go away with him to the Victoria Falls – and she’s unsure. Altus, has however had enough of Paula’s nonsense. He decides to take matters in

7de laan Spoilers Discussion for February 2015

Things look to be hotting up according to 7de laan spoilers for February 2015.  The Laan will be dripping with drama beyond the usual Paula and Altus marriage nonsense and Vince’s paternity mood swings. (By the way, I wonder if Vince ever thinks  of his own son who must be around 6 years old by

7de Laan: February 2010 Spoilers

With thanks to 7de laan fansite: 1 February 2010 Dawid hears what’s happening with the accusations against him. The Heights’ residents take drastic steps against Gita, and it seems as if it concerns her. Does San-Mari have any plans to forgive Paula? 2 February 2010 Gita explains what is going to happen after the march.

7de Laan News: Paula and Altus (Spoiler)

According to Die Burger we won’t have to wait too long for the Paula/Altie reunion. Apparently the two make their feelings known for each other on 5 January 2010! We know how long 7de Laan writers likes to drag things out and the Paula/Altus relationship has been tested many times over. Just when it looks

7de Laan Teasers for October 2009

Looks like the most interesting storyline in the Laan during October will be Clara getting a new best, best Friend! Could it be Marko? Those two are best suited. Both are players of the highest order. For the rest of the storylines… Neville and Charmaine gets married again. The most mismatched couple Xander and Vanessa